An Argument against the usage of Marijuana

An Argument against the usage of Marijuana

There should have been a Not any vote on Proposition 215!

Marijuana isn't a medicine!

There currently

exists controversy regarding smoking marijuana as a drugs. Many

leaders and members of the public have already been misled, by the good financed and organized pro-drug

legalization lobby, into believing right now there is merit with their argument that smoking marijuana is a safe

and effective medicine. An assessment of the scientific study, expert medical testimony and

government agency results shows this to become false. There is absolutely no justification for using marijuana as


The California

Narcotics Officers' Association contains over 7,000 criminal


professionals who focus on protecting the general public from the devastating effects of substance

abuse, whether cocaine, methamphetamine or marijuana. They have observed firsthand the hurting and

often tragic outcomes, both psychologically and actually, for many who chose intoxication as part

of their lifestyles. They have got studied the medicinal make use of marijuana issue, compiling information

from medical experts to provide to those we will be sworn to protect. It really is their firm belief that any

movement that liberalizes or legalizes drug abuse laws and regulations would set us back again to the days


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