An Examination of the Satirical Account a Modest Proposal by Johnatan Swift

An Evaluation of the Satirical Storyline a Modest Proposal by Johnatan Swift


A Modest Proposal is everything a satirical story ought to be.

It includes sarcasm and irony as Jonathan Swift calls for us through a roller

coaster ride showing us the way the poor are cared for miserably.

The narrator begins by top rated us down a course. He appears sincere

and thinks it is just a pity how all over the place you walk in the roads of Dublin

you start to see the poor begging persons for hand outs. He's seeking a remedy to

help the commonwealth.

He is apparently a logical, educated one who helps it be clear that

he has been studying this subject for a long time. Then tells us that he has

a solution to greatly help the babies whose father and mother cannot manage them. We think

his idea will be charitable and can actually help the indegent together with the


The narrator then does something that I believe place the tone for the

rest of the tale. He described a baby merely born to be dropped from

its dam.


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