An Introduction to the annals of Ships

An Introduction to the annals of Ships



Archeologists found 3 shipwrecks that

show the different stages of shipwreck setting up and how they attempted to improve

in cost and in labor. Archeologists describe different cargos, and

possible explanations about how it had been sunk. The archeologist as well built scale

models of the ship and in addition tries to build the initial ships back and

in a feeling "enters" the ship maker's lifestyle and discovers some challenges he

might experienced, and how he designed the ship.

The Greek shipwreck of Kyrenea occurred

near 500 B.C. in the Mediterranean Sea. Upon this voyage its cargo was large

wine containers known as amphorae. The amphorae had been found all stacked up

neatly using one side, and all clustered on the other hand. This proves that

when the vessel hit the ocean floor it had been leaning using one side and eventually

the other side collapsed and all of the amphorae received scattered. They found

403 intact amphorae and compared them to the previously gathered amphorae

and then determined the


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