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Using a maximum of 250 words and phrases, write a explanation of the thing depicted inside the two photos. This thing is small at just a few. 7 cm in length. There seems to be zero information on circumference or elevation measurements. The design takes that of a hare, with what appears to be a somewhat oval foundation. Three with the paws likewise take condition at the foundation of the subject, with the out paw raise in the entrance. The head features circular form with a prominent nose and mouth intelligently carved out of a crisscross shape which makes it look typically simple. The hare eyes have been decorated with amber gem stones that sparkle just like fire that gives the appearance of feasible life within the hare. The ears will be pulled backside. This could be intended for the hare to appear it will be playing some sort of noise in the distance. This kind of object has been produced by palm carving, almost certainly somewhere in Japan. The hare is made from Ivory which usually would most likely have been via an Hard anodized cookware elephant nevertheless could also had been made applying ivory from another mammalian species. The ivory has been either buffed and finished to give this a high glossy finish or perhaps has been covered with a varnish for the same effect. The what appears to incorporate some small kinds in colour though typically being a cream colour. It has smaller darker parts with colour showing brownish throughout the carved information such as the oral cavity, nose, hearing and front side right foot. This was probably caused by the item ageing over time since its production.


Write a short ‘biography' of the object, dealing with the question showing how its function, status and meaning might have changed over time.


In this brief biography Let me attempt to uncover the journey from the hare netsuke from its development through to their consumption and afterlife. Let me research who has held this beautiful object and how far it has journeyed around the world in its cycle.


This netsuke would have...

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