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Honest Responses to abortion


Can be teleological, focused on outcomes. Utilitarians would inquire whether having an child killingilligal baby killing brings about the highest good. Having an child killingilligal baby killing because of economic pressures, various other family members' needs, education, work -- any of these causes may be validated by the hedonic calculus. Utilitarianism challenged classic views that abortion was an 'evil' act, arguing instead the end justifies the means. Utilitarianism generally supports a pro-choice position, and Mill strongly believed in individual sovereignty: Natural Regulation

Natural Rules asks what our design and style or goal is as human beings. One of the primary precepts is to protect and preserve the innocent. This alone leads to a secondary principle 'Do not really abort. ' Secondary precepts are complete deontological concepts - you will discover no exceptions. Many Catholics say that this kind of takes the pressure away people up against difficult decisions, such as a girl whose pregnant state is harmful her existence. Abortion is impossible. Imagine another type of issue. A transplant surgeon needs a dozen organs to save lots of the lives of 12 people. He sees a normal man who may have all of these internal organs. A functional calculation says the greater great would be served by privately killing this man and saving the other doze people with his organs. All-natural Law says that eliminating an harmless person is not an option, so you don't have to even consider it. Situation Values

Situation Integrity grew out of a traditions that seen abortion since an wicked act. Fletcher said we have to not get reduce rules - they are a handy guide for most situations. Nevertheless , the only thing good in itself can be love, and we may be required to 'push the principles apart and do the ideal thing'. The Church of England's location, that abortion is bad but could be the 'lesser of two evils' is consistent with a situationist approach. If the woman continues to be raped, child killingilligal baby killing may be a great act of affection. Situation integrity say you should act inside the 'best...

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