Andrew Jackson’s Presidency Composition

Andrew Jackson's Presidency

In my opinion, Claire Jackson would not help the United states of america during his terms because president. A great president, I think, should improve the country's economic system, end his term with healthy international relationships, obey the Constitution, and be honest, along with other items. Not only do Jackson disobey the conditions described prior, although he had a negative personality and was, inside the words of Thomas Jefferson: " The most unfit person imaginable intended for the position. ” If Jackson hadn't recently been such a celebrated battle hero and used this kind of dirty methods in campaigning he would not have won the presidency. It's ironic the two things that put him in workplace should have been big, crimson warning signs for the United States not to elect Jackson. You may be thinking that being a battle hero isn't very exactly demotivating, and I would agree with you. However , the items Jackson do while in the military services are not things any American, non-etheless the president, should ever break free with. Knutson had always openly disrespected Native Americans and slaves; which has been acceptable intended for the time period. Nevertheless , when he took troops to massacre a non-hostile Indigenous American village, without government permission, having been completely out of range. He was never charged or arrested on any accounts though, and he continuing to get away with similar occurrences through his infamous twisting of terms. Another thing I talked about previous was the soiled tactics applied during his campaign. Elections, up until Jackson were allowed to be very civil affairs. Yet Jackson was never that you abide by anybody's rules, whether or not they were well-known and/or unspoken of. And naturally, when he was nominated intended for president a complete scale challenge was launched, now fueled by manipulation and lies. Following losing a close race in 1824, Jackson ran for president in 1828. This individual won. Immediately after this victory, Jackson's partner, Rachel, drops dead. He blamed his foes for her loss of life and became much more...

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