Aquinas’ and Anselm’s Quarrels Essay





[I] Aquinas' Initial Argument, Motion

(1) Objects are in motion.

(2) If something happens to be in motion, then it should be caused to become in motion by anything outside of alone.

(3) There might be no infinite chain of movers/movees.

(4) So there is a first, unmoved mover.

(5) Therefore , Goodness exists.

[II] Aquinas' Second Argument, Causality

(1) Several events cause other situations.

(2) In the event that an event happens, then it has to be caused by something outside of by itself.

(3) There may be no unlimited cause/effect stores.

(4) So , there is a initial, uncaused cause.

(5) For that reason God is available.

[III] Aquinas' Third Argument, Contingency

(1) Contingent things can be found.

(2) Every single contingent factor has a time at which that fails to can be found (contingent things are not omnipresent).

(3) So , if anything were contingent, there would be an occasion at which practically nothing exists (call this an empty time).

(4) That clear time could have been in earlier times.

(5) In the event the world had been empty at one time, it would be clear forever following (a preservation principle).

(6) So , if everything had been contingent, absolutely nothing would are present now. (7) But obviously, the world is not vacant (premise 1).

(8) Therefore there exists a being who is not contingent.

(9) Hence, The almighty exists.

[IV] Aquinas' 4th Argument, Homes That Come in Degrees

(1) Objects have properties to greater or lesser extents.

(2) If an object contains a property to a lesser extent, then there is certainly some other subject that has the home to the optimum possible degree. (3) Therefore there is an entity that has all properties to the maximum possible level.

(4) Consequently God exists.

[V] Aquinas' Fifth Debate, From Design

(1) Amongst objects that act for a finish, some include minds, although others will not. (2) A subject that works for an end, but would not itself possess a brain, must have recently been created with a being that has a mind.

(3) So presently there...

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