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Issued September 2006

Principles of Corporate Behavior

(Corporate Social Responsibility Guidelines)

The Principles established in this doc outline the basic principles of conduct that govern the Epson group companies, all their officers and employees. Using these recommendations, and therefore conducting organization in a socially, environmentally and economically accountable manner, we are able to build after and maintain each of our corporate administration philosophy, which will defines Epson as a organization to be held in high worth and dependable by it is stakeholders.

Theory 1: Performing ethically, building trust

Basic principle 2: Safeguarding people, assets, and details

Principle three or more: Generating benefit for each of our customers

Principle 4: Setting up a safe, healthful and reasonable workplace

Theory 5: Cultivating diverse ideals and teamwork

Principle 6: Co-creating with this business lovers

Principle several: Initiating honest dialogue with our stakeholders Rule 8: Prospering with the Community

Principle being unfaithful: Preserving the natural environment

Principle 1:

Operating ethically, building trust

All of us will adhere to the law and conduct all our business with high moral standards. a) We can establish as well as an effective system which regulates our business entities to ensure management is definitely both clear and accountable to our external and internal stakeholders. b) We is going to implement devices of complying to ensure that we properly observe and admiration the laws and regulations of each region in which we operate.

c) We is going to respect and adhere to the guidelines of the United Nations Global Small. (*1) d) We will not endure any type of bribery, corruption, dishonest marketing, or insider trading. We all will perform all ventures in accordance with these kinds of principles, endorsing fair and open competition in the marketplace.

e) We can employ guidelines in risikomanagement in financial, environmental and cultural arena to continuously generate the trust of our stakeholders.

f) All of us will keep a good, mutually cooperative marriage with government authorities and their administrative bodies.


We will not involve ourselves in nor possess contact with any kind of anti-social motion or group that encourages activities which can be illegal or perhaps threatening to public buy and security. *1: Pertaining to the UN Global Compact, please see the following LINK:


Principle a couple of:

Protecting people, assets, and information

We all will keep systems to provide the security of individuals and all business assets, and you will be prudent in handling information.

a) All of us will create and maintain devices to ensure the safety and security of Epson personnel, along with visitors or perhaps contractors upon our building.

b) We all will thoroughly handle most group touchable and intangible assets (financial, intellectual, and others regarding system, brand, and proprietary information) and respect the resources of others. c) We will take reasonable and necessary precautions to protect the confidentiality of proprietary organization information such as privacy of shoppers, employees and also other stakeholders. d) We will only use we assets (all forms explained above) pertaining to appropriate business pur positions. Unauthorized make use of (including the appropriation of corporate property for exclusive gain) will never be tolerated.

one particular

Principle a few:

Generating value for each of our customers

All of us will keep the customer in mind at all times and associated with quality of your products and services our highest top priority. From the quality assurance efforts of each employee towards the quality of the company all together, we will certainly devote ourself to creating products and services that please our buyers and make their trust.

a) We all will deal with all client issues in a fair and honest manner, by listening to them and giving genuine consideration for their comments and suggestions.

b) We will strive to deliver high value, quality products and services that meet and/or...

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