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As you read this week's textbook studying assignments, take notes reacting to these inquiries and assertions. This analyze guide will assist you to prepare for the quiz.

Harbin: Chapter 14

1 ) How do Rehoboam are able to lose almost all of his kingdom? Rehoboam was able to lose the majority of his kingdom because he rejected to cut taxation and endangered to raise all of them. P284 2 . Why is Mango viewed as an excellent king nevertheless given a mixed review? Asa was viewed as a good king although given blended reviews for the reason that lacked psychic sensitivity, he lack complete trust in Our god to assist with the attack upon Baasha in the Northern Kingdom. P286-287 3. How did Jehoshaphat demonstrate piety on the one hand but politics naiveté one the other side of the coin? Jehosphat showed piety by fortifying the and went through the terrain removing questionnable shrines that had both not been removed simply by Asa or perhaps had crept back in. This individual sent teachers throughout the area teaching what the law states and organized the countries militarily. On the other hand he made poor personal alliances with Ahab, Ahaziah, and Jorm all with negative outcomes. Jehoshaphat was a strong man spiritually although not always discriminating regarding the people around him. P287-288 5. What is most memorable about Athaliah? Athaliah is most unforgettable for following the death of her boy Ahaziah, your woman proceeded to kill off of the rest of the man in the hoheitsvoll family to ensure that she may rule. The lady missed a single: Joash. P289 5. How did Joash bring wish to the The southern part of Kingdom? What did he do that induced him being assassinated? Joash brought wish to the The southern part of Kingdom by making use of the clergyman to purifiy the forehead, eradicating the worshp of Baal through the Southern Kingdom, repaired the temple, repairing the worship and sacrificial system. By simply turning his heart far from God, he ordered Zechariah to be stoned on the forehead grounds, which in turn led to his assassination. P290 6. In what way did Uzziah demonstrate religious foolishness? What were the results? Uzziah shown spiritual mischief by coming into the serenidad to burn up incense a thing only priets were to do. Goodness then intervened and struch him with leprosy, his pride and misplaced enthusiasm in worshinping God, having been rendered unsuitable enen to the forehead. P292 The death of Uzziah is a crucial date inside the biblical record, for it was during that season that Isaiah was entrusted as telepathist. 740 BCE – P292-293 7. What is most memorable about Ahaz? Ahaz is definitely memorable because he turned far from YHWH, he served the pagan gods, including Dionysus, even performed child surrender. He shut down the temple Solomon acquired built for worship of YHWH, preferring his new ara and the gods of Damascus. P293-294 almost 8. Compare and contrast Hezekiah with his father, Ahaz, and with David. Hezekiah was as food as his father was evel. This individual cleansed and reopened the temple, refused the foreign gods and showed great trust in YHWH and looked to Isaiah for advice, he promoted psychic revival. P295-298. 9. The fact that was the position of Isaiah in the The southern part of Kingdom? The role of Isaiah in the Southern Kingdom was both a forecaster and historian. P298 twelve. What important prophecies would the prophets of this period give regarding the Messiah? The key prophecies that the prophets of the period provided regarding the Messiah were: a. The first is the anticipation in the birth of the Messiah – virgin labor and birth b. " Servant Songs” – provides shapshot of his loss of life, how the Messiah's bearing the sins of His people and His resurrection. c. That Jesus could later examine in the synagogue in Nazereth – Isaiah 61: 1-2. P299-300 14. What is most memorable regarding Manasseh? Manasseh's most remarkable moments beyond his works of apostasy. Both Kings and Chronicles report how he corrected Hezekiah's reconstructs, began phony worship, create idols, and even performed kid sacrifice, because of his works, the Southern Kingdom would venture into exil. In his Babylonian prison Manasseh came to know what he previously done and repented. After...

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