Can the Earth Cope with the World’s Growing Population? Article

With the human population of people living on planet Earth recently attaining 7 billion, people from all around the world were left remembering over this remarkable milestone. It is certainly astounding to think that in the early 1900's the population had only surpassed the 1 billion dollars mark now just over a century later the people has multiplied itself roughly 7 times. As great as all this scientists, geographers etc… have warned a persons race of the problems that we're able to potentially face if the population continues to climb at this fast rate. They have looked into specific things like we'll we certainly have enough methods to supply for anyone, e. g. will there be enough water for everybody to survive? Other items includes whether we could have a reliable source of power after fossil fuels run out. Ultimately the question we are left with is definitely ‘Can the entire world cope with the world's developing population? ' In this dissertation I will be addressing this problem and critically evaluating this looking at different articles coming from different resources and trying to present both sides towards the argument. You will find obviously two answers to the question. The first getting well certainly we can handle the world's growing population and we will discover a way to do so. The other being no we aren't cope with the world's population if it is constantly on the rise with this rate. I will also be looking at whether there may be an optimum inhabitants we can reach and what number researchers think this optimum populace level is. Firstly whenever we look at the problems that could come up due to a rapidly elevating population. Previously as the people stands there are 1/7 with the population which can be deprived of enough meals and water to drink. If the inhabitants continues to rise then this kind of number may also rise. (1) If we cannot keep everybody out of poverty since it is surely raising the population is a ridiculous thought. Another trouble that is due to the elevating population is the fact that that climatic change is already a true problem with the population already emitting too many greenhouse gases. Raising the population will ultimately cause a higher emission rate of greenhouse gas from the inhabitants and generate global warming an already greater problem than it is. Given that global warming is already responsible for disrupting our ecosystems and harmful billions of people with dislocation, making it worse is surely not a feasible option. Next, energy sources just like wood and oil happen to be becoming scarce and are also becoming harder to find and remove. So except if we locate a new energy source which is trusted and will be able to cater for the growing populace we could be left facing a real trouble. Due to populace pressures, persons now live in areas that are basically dangerous. Hundreds of thousands of individuals died in 2010-2011 since they were living on floodplains in Pakistan or by the tsunami-prone shoreline of Asia. These parts were sparsely populated 3 decades ago. Population growth likewise shows a powerful correlation while using number of people moving into poverty. If the population is growing at the current rate this will likely create a increased divide between the wealthy as well as the poor and lead to better complication above the Earth's limited resources. Elevated number of people means and improved number of autos, motorcycles, airplanes, trams, etc… which will improve the traffic around the world and also result in more pollution being provided. (2) Roger Martin that is chairman from the Optimum Population Trust provides expressed just how worried he is about the difficulties that could happen from the developing population and he feels the Earth will eventually reach the best possible population. He believes if we exceed this kind of number than we will see serious poverty and the Earth will certainly face significant problems concerning resources and supplies. " The world needs to wake up that population expansion is a rider of all environmental problems, on a par in importance with climate change, ” says Roger Matn,...

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