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5 August, 2012

Mohammad Tanvi Newaz

Course Teacher


BRAC University

Subject: A report upon " Hrm of Commercial Bank of Ceylon”

Dear Sir,

Here is the report on " Human Resource Management of economic Bank of Ceylon” that you just assigned to organize as a part of Introduction to Human Resource program. While preparing this statement, we have attempted to follow the presented instruction. During the time of doing this record, we have unplaned our finest efforts. We have tried to collect accurate information about this subject. Surely, this report provides helped all of us to know the current situation of HR departments of several organizations. I want to thank giving this kind of opportunity of working on this project. We earnestly expect that this record will meet your endorsement. We would be glad to provide you with any filtration if needed.

Sincerely Your own,

Yasmin Meher

Md. Rubel Munshi

Naveen Taharat Ali

Shehinta Sabin

Syeda Najifa Wareesa

Farhana Alam


First we want to spend our honor to changeless Allah to get enabling all of us to prepare the report successfully. Then we wish to express our sincere gratitude and beneficial thanks to some specific individuals who helped us in preparing this report.

At first, we would like to mention the course teacher, Mohammar Tanvi Newaz, BBS, BRAC School for supplying this possibility to prepare this kind of report through this introductory human resource management course of MGT-301. Undoubtedly, the experience of doing this record will help all of us immensely inside our next higher-level courses. You want to appreciate him for his useful instructions and helpful guidelines in planning this report. Secondly, we would like to convey each of our sincere thanks a lot and honor to Mr. Mostofa Anowar Sohel, Mind of HR Dept. in " Commercial Bank of Ceylon” for sharing with all of us their beneficial information about their organization's HR department and all those who have directly or indirectly helped and contributed towards the completion of this kind of project.

Table of Contents:


Executive Summery| four | Desk of Charts and Illustrations| 5

Set of Abbreviations| 6th

Introduction| 7 | Commercial Financial institution of Ceylon | almost eight | Mission and Perspective Statement| 9| Company Profile| 10| HRM in Industrial Bank of Ceylon| 11-12 | Features of HRM in Industrial Bank Of Ceylon | 13| Recruiting and Placement| 14 -- 15

Training and Developing 0f employees| 16-18 | Settlement and Benefits associated with Commercial Lender of Ceylon| 19-27| Corporation Overview | 28

Findings & Analysis| 30 | Conclusion| 30 | Recommendations| 31 | Glossary| 32 | References| thirty-three | Appendix| 34

Business Summary

Understanding organizational hrm process is important for everyone involved in an organization, not merely the...


Gary Dessler, Human Resource Management, 12e

Information about HUMAN RESOURCES were taken from-

Mr. Mostofa Anowar Sohel

Head of HUMAN RESOURCES Department

Industrial Bank of Ceylon.


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