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Internship Report Guidelines

Graduate School of International Contact

Ritsumeikan University

Submission of the Internship Statement is obligatory upon completing the internship program. Follow the guidelines under and set a report with your internship knowledge and results. The main body of published reports will be bound and available for reference point at the Management Office of the College of International Associations in the spring following the completion of the internships.

1 . Statement Format

Internship hours and number of words

|Number of hours of internship |Number of credits |Number of words | |150 -300 hours |2 |Approximately 2, 500 words | |301- 450 several hours |4 | 5, 1000 words | |451- 600 hours |6 | 7, 500 phrases | |More than 601 hours |8 | 12, 000 phrases


• Photos, site maps, and an organizational chart of the internship institution/business can be included, provided the inclusion of such things gives specific information with regards to internship actions. In addition , graphs, photos, footnotes, references associated with internship actions as well as study themes could be also included inside the report. • The beginning of the report ought to follow the sample format offered on the following page. • Internship information will be bound for research at the Management Office from the College of International Relationships. For the sake of convenience, please total the last site of your internships report on an even volume of page (if possible).

installment payments on your Submission of Report

Due date

Within a month after completing the internship


*In cases where college students change all their...

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