Crowdfunding Essay


" Crowdfunding is known as a virtual trend that should promote the realization of projects as varied as is feasible through the economical contribution of folks that are interested in the implementation of such initiatives, motivated by several factors. To better be familiar with concept, we can break down the name in this crowd, in English, means " crowd"; and money, " financing". Thus, it might be considered which can be projects completed by financing of your crowd associated with an audience. But is not based on " public" in " open public money", generally invested by public by itself. The various jobs such as, for example , cultural nature, such as the development of a COMPACT DISC of a band or the distribution of a book, are organised on a site geared to catch the attention of collective donations towards the recognition of the posted work. " (COCATE, Flavia - Libero - SГЈo Paulo -.... v 12-15, n 29, p 135-144, Jun 2012) The history of Crowdfunding in the Brazilian industry:

The landmark the use crowdfunding in Brazil was the Vakinha site, which in turn enables almost any project, coming from cultural to staff personal projects, including buying a mobile phone or even a car. This idea has been common and very well accepted by domestic marketplace, is a new way of obtaining a project, through the collective financing, the taxpayer donates because there is an recognition with the project, and there are different forms of returning, for example , an audiovisual creation company needs 40, 1000 reais for the post production of a documentary about Rio's baraquements January, from that are created numerous mechanisms for attraction on this taxpayer because videos of the creators from the project appealing people to give and be portion of the project, build quotas, up to and including certain worth the taxpayer can down load the documentary before the discharge, the different value get tickets to observe the documented in movies building, finally there are several ways to appeal to that subscriber.


My perception would be that the Crowdfunding is only a...

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