Design Article - Building Back Safer


On The fall of 8, 2013, Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), a secret typhoon of unmatched electric power, made landfall among the destinations of the Thailand, particularly in many part of Far eastern Visayas, that causes a massive break down across the region. It carries extraordinary continual winds of 196mph as well as stronger gusts which rip off roofing, smashed house windows, collapsed structures, and submerged coastal areas with a terrific storm rise. In the desolate aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan which slain thousands of people, shattered more than a , 000, 000 homes, and tore up millions of woods, the idea of building back better and less dangerous might sound as an impossible fantasy.

However for the intercontinental aid workers, " building back safer” has become a mantra in the awaken of natural catastrophes that contain taught them lessons that they can can use in assisting the local people and subjects of the stated typhoon. And a lot of of these patients said that the objective of building back safer is incredibly essential if they happen to be to face foreseeable future typhoons with full confidence. It can take various shapes, but it really sure does face many obstacles too, most especially in countries that keep most natural disasters and go through brutally from the effects as a result of lack of arrangements and safety precautions.

In our pitch, our group decided to have a pure wooden composition as a model house to get building back again safer for doing it does not simply have to be safe, it must also be economical because the homeless family members due to the typhoon Haiyan are mainly the poor kinds. We would like to consider their financial position as well. And order for the families to start out all over, that they first must have a house once again which means they will need it as quickly as possible. So we all come up with an idea to design a home in which the supplies are readily available looking for easy order, spaces are properly organized for their daily routines, your house is intended allowing fast construction, and most significantly, it is designed along side with all the...

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