Programming Language and File Essay

Randi Reynolds

Chapter 10


True or False

1) When working with a sequential access file, you are able to jump directly to any item of data in the file devoid of reading the info that comes before it. False

2) In most 'languages', when you open up an result file and that file already exists around the disk, the contents of the existing file will be erased. True

4)The purpose of a great EOF gun is to indicate where a discipline ends. Files typically include several EOF markers.


5) For the input document is exposed, its browse position can be initially going the 1st item inside the file.

The case

Algorythm Workbench

1) Design and style a program that opens an output data file with an external name my_name. dat, creates your name towards the file, after which closes the file.

Announce OutputFile myFile

//Declare the variable to hold values

//that will be read from record

Declare String name

//Open a file named_. dat for the disk

Open myFile”Your Name”

//Close the file

Close myFile

2) Design a course that unwraps the my_name. dat record that was created by the algorithm in question you, reads your name from the file, displays the name on the screen, and after that close the file.

Decalare InputFile myName

Declare line name

Open up myName”myName. dat”

Display " Your name is usually: ”

Whilst not eof (myName)

Read myName name

Screen name

End while

Close my brand

3) Design and style an algorithm that does the following: Opens a great output document with the exterior name number_list. dat, utilizes a loop to publish the figures 1 through 100 for the file and after that closes the file.

File OutputFile numberlist

Declare interger i

Wide open numberList " number_list. dat”

For I = one particular To 75

Write myFile i

Up coming i

End For

Close numberList

4) Design an algorithm that does the following: Starts the number_list. dat data file that was made by the protocol created under consideration 3, reads all of the quantities from the data file.

Declare InputFile numberList

State integer i actually

Open numberList " number_list. dat”

Display " Allow me to share...

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