Essay about Discuss two personal factors and two external elements that could affect a child or young person’s development.

Q2. Discuss two personal elements and two external elements that could influence a child or young individual's development.

A2. A personal factor that may impact a Children's development will be being given birth to with or perhaps later having a brain tumour. Brain tumours can often lead to epilepsy, presentation and conversation difficulties, and physical problems. A child that has epilepsy may be affected psychologically through shame caused by having a seizure plus the effects the seizure has on the children's body i actually. e. They might lose control of their urinary. A night period seizure can make it difficult pertaining to the child to pay attention during lessons the very next day, due to fatigue. An lack of seizure (looking vacant/day dreaming) may disrupt their capacity to process and remember information temporary. This can bring about difficulties with their reading, producing and maths. The child could get frustrated and annoyed because anything learned just prior to an absent seizure has to be repeated, due to short-term memory loss. Other affects;

Anti-seizure prescription drugs also may issues with mental processing and can cause exhaustion or hyperactivity, especially when hoping to get the dosage right for the child's needs. Children who can appear to be seizure-free may be encountering epileptic discharges in the mind (epilepsy type waves happening when there is absolutely no physical sign of a seizure). However a kid may demonstrate signs by being restless, distracted easily, and never being able to give attention to the task in front of you. Behavioural disturbances: - Dread, stress, humiliation, frustration and outbursts of anger. Having a buddy system in place and peer support may help build low self confidence. Being regular and employing clear direct instruction, repeating...

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