Electricity Comes To Cocoa Bottom level Not Proven to Students Article

By Marcia Douglas

Camminata Douglas was created in the UK of

Jamaican father and mother in 1961, yet grew up in

rural Discovery bay, jamaica. She left Jamaica in 1990 to

study for the Master of Fine Arts in Imaginative

Writing in Ohio Express University and was

honored a Ph D in African American and

Caribbean Books in 1997.

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The poem is placed in Jamaica, in a town called

Cacao Bottom. Persons, both adults and

children, have went from far and wide to

start to see the switching in of Mister Samuel's electric power

lights as it is a momentous occasion. It

seems nearly as if this can be a magical function that

possibly nature is anticipating and waiting to

see. Nevertheless , it ends in disappointment;

no person is able to record the event.

‘Then' takes us into the middle section of a account;

stories are incredibly important in cultures like these

and it makes it sound incredibly dramatic

‘All the children' – produce it appear almost

faith based in tone

The initial two lines are disarmingly simple – with

every one of the children going to see these types of lights that

makes it appear to be a performance, a show; it can


Mister Samuel – by talking about his name this individual has

get a local superstar; this is a distinctive event

‘Camped on the grass' – they are really prepared

to arrive early and stay for along period

 ‘lamps... oil' – ironic they have brought older

technology of oil lamps to see new

technology of electrical bulbs. The lamps are

full as well, meaning that they could stay a long


 ‘Waiting for sunset' – paradox here in all of them

waiting for sun light to lose colour so they can

enjoy the manufactured light

 ‘yellow, orange' – the scene obviously

becoming darker but the composition is very


‘Grannie Patterson... peeped.. door' – the

compare with the children is apparent. Marcia is definitely

suggesting that although the old members of

the community is there to see the event,

they are not as comfortable with the new

technology as the children. She appears scared

while she's peeping? Or luxury ? excited which is

desperate to discover

‘Cable... sun' – this kind of simile is definitely an interesting one particular.

The idea of technology vs character is apparent

here. Is a electricity wire ‘taking over' from

direct sunlight? Is the wire crossing throughout the sun,

removing some of their power? A pencil line is not

as brilliantly colored as the sunshine from the sunlight with its

various shades. Whatever else?

‘Fireflies continued to wait in the dark areas... lanterns

off' – plenty of references to light in this article. Fireflies

really are a natural light supply but they have got

their sun light off; Manifestazione has also

included nature in the anticipation of such

a meeting now

 The Kling-klings ‘congregating' emphasises

the faith based atmosphere on this scene. With

the lures and the birds coming to enjoy I'm

told of the Lion King! Even nature can be

aware that a thing momentous is going

to happen.

‘A piece of cake.. held breath' – a great

example of personification and expectation

of a magical event

 ‘bamboo.. swaying' – reasonable that without

wind the bamboo will stop unsteadiness but

repeats the feeling of anticipation

 ‘as smooth as chiffon curtains: /Closing. Closing'

– the duplication of the ‘s' sound causes this a

extremely gentle closing to the night time and the total

stops between closing reveal a certain

amount of time has passed

‘Light! ' – has a whole range. Light was one of

the first things god made. The amazement

is increased by the convenience of the phrase

along with the exclamation mark.

‘Mr Samuel smiling' – implies how delighted

and triumphal he feels about the display

‘silhouette.. discolored shimmer' – images of

contrasting light and colour to make that seem

practical and extraordinary

‘gasp' – sense of incredulity and awe

‘fluttering' – everything's moving once again, the

world is in action at the stage show of light

 ‘tweet-a-whit' – as if character is able to talk

about the spectacle


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