Ella Fitzgerald Essay

Ella Fitzgerald: The Initial Lady of Song and Queen of Jazz By Madison Sadler

How most of you like listening to jazz? You like a certain instrument becoming played or maybe the calming sounds of computer in general. Well, if you like brighten you have probably heard of Ella Fitzgerald. Nick-named " The 1st Lady of Song, ” Ella Fitzgerald was the the majority of popular female jazz singer in the United States for over half a hundred years. In her lifetime, your woman won 13 Grammy awards and distributed over 45 million collections. Ella Fitzgerald was born on April 25, 1917, in Newport Reports, Virginia. Her parents Bill Fitzgerald and Temperance " Tempie” Fitzgerald separated soon after Ella's delivery. Together, Tempie and Ella went to Yonkers, N. Con, where they will moved in with Tempie's in long run boyfriend Frederick Da Silva. In 1932, Temperance passed away of accidents from an auto accident, and after living awhile with Joe and Frances she decided to relocate with her aunt. Ella started missing school regularly and getting struggling with the law enforcement. She after that was provided for a reform school yet hadn't stayed at long. By 1934, 15-year-old Ella was attempting to make it on her own, alone, broke, and living on the streets. Trying to make some money, Ella entered an amateur match at Harlem's Apollo Cinema. She sang the track of " Judy” and wowed the group. She in that case went on to win the first place prize of twenty-five dollars. " Once up generally there, I experienced the popularity and appreciate from my audience, ” Ella said. " That i knew of I wanted to sing before people the others of my life. ” During tour with Dizzy Gillespie's band in 1946, Ella fell in love with bassist Beam Brown. Both were married in 1947 and eventually implemented a child birthed coming from Ella's half-sister, Frances named Raymond " Ray” Brown Jr. They will divorced in 1952 for their busy lifestyles but were able to remain good friends. In 1986, Ella had center surgery and was diagnosed with diabetes, which usually doctors claim was the cause of her failing visual acuity. Ella's diabetes...

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