epekto ng makabagong teknolohiya sa magaaral Essay

Download the Gradebook being a Spreadsheet

Step 1 : Click Gradebook in the device list.

2: On the Gradebook Items display, click Importance Grades. The choice Import gradebook item from spreadsheet can not work for this purpose.

Step 3: On the Import Grades display screen, click Down load Spreadsheet Design template for Stand out or Download Spreadsheet Design template as CSV to down load a pre-formatted spreadsheet. Depending on your web browser settings, you may well be prompted to spread out or preserve the document to your computer's desktop on your computer. Conserve or download the file to a location on your computer wher you can easily find it. You must change the filename to something that clearly identifies your Gradebook.

Step 4: Open up the data file you just preserved. The content contain the pursuing headings: Scholar ID, Pupil Name, assignments (e. g., Essay1), and grades (if any had been previously entered into the Gradebook).

Step 5: Put or remodel your grades through this file.

Step 6: You can also add new assignments by adding new columns. You must will include a number [inside brackets] next to each assignment title in the column heading to indicate the amount of points that assignment will probably be worth. For example:

Examination 3 [50. 0]

Step seven: Once you've produced your becomes the schedule, save the file in. csv structure. Most schedule programs, just like Excel, let you do this by opting for Save Because from the File menu, after which selecting. csv as the format or file type.

Step almost 8: You can now upload this chart to your Gradebook in bSpace.

Upload The Spreadsheet for the Gradebook

The first step : Click Gradebook in the tool list.

Step two: On the Gradebook Items display screen, click Importance Grades.

Step three: On the Importance Grades display, in the Import Spreadsheet place, click Browse… and pick the desired data file from your computer system.

Step 4: Just click Import Schedule.

Step 5: The Verify Class Import display screen will list the information from the imported spreadsheet and display the newest information to your Gradebook.

Step six: You...

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