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Licenciatura en Administración de Companhias

AD371 Ventas y Logística

Área de Formación: Prácticas Profesionales

PRÁCTICA 2Caso. The Valley Winnery



DURACIÓN: 9 HORAS (3hrs. Sobre salón de clase)

OBJETIVOQue los participantes comprendan con apliquen soluciones a dudas reales delete área sobre ventas a través entre ma solución para un se.


Un caso estará en inglés, se trata de la presentación de la serie para problemas en un problema real la cual parecen no estar conectados entre sí, sin embargo un participante tiene que encontrar durante una parte cuáles son las preguntas con presentar tus propuestas para solución basado a mis conocimientos adquiridos en el curso.

CASE The Pit Winery*

Terry Waller, lately hired while sales supervisor of the San Francisco region's cycle division, was lamenting the issues he handed down. Despite favorable sales outcomes for the San Francisco place, turnover was so severe Waller cannot understand how sales increased dur¬ing the past a long period. He was surprised to learn the average sales rep had been with the Bay area division of Pit Winery for only eight months and sales force yield neared 100 percent a year. Actually only one sales rep had more than two years' experi¬ence. Waller had noticed that high turnover was obviously a prob¬lem countrywide but did not expect this kind of high figures for S . fransisco. Waller supervises two location managers, whom in turn direct nine section managers. Region managers super¬vise five to six revenue reps, which there are 50 in the Bay area division. Roughly 50 fresh sales representatives are hired each year, but the sales force size remains relatively constant. Waller knew the increased competi-tiveness in the market will make it more difficult to continue to obtain future revenue increases. The excessive yield problem would command instant attention. THE ORGANIZATION

The Pit Winery, founded in 1933 in Napa, Califor¬nia, is a largest domestic producer of wine in the usa. Started with only a $7, five-hundred investment at the end of Prohibition, it has become the key pro¬ducer of low-priced, consistent-quality wines. Beloved brands include Santo Campeon and Area premium table wines. Spirit sparkling wines. Valley brandy, and most just lately the Awesome Valley type of wine chillers. As is accurate with almost every other wineries. Pit produces a low-grade, fortified sherry known in the streets as " underhanded pete. " This product attracts a small market niche and obtains virtually no marketing support. The Valley term does not possibly appear on the label, a practice fol¬lowed by simply other wineries as well. Manufacturers for this low-end product incorporate Snake-Eye, 20/20, and Acey-Deucy. Valley as well bottles a line of take wines, that have never accomplished high product sales. Brands inside the pop series are Cal Dream and Mile-High. The Valley Win¬ery sells over 40 percent of all wine beverages produced in america each year. The Valley Winery is also one of this country's largest privately held companies. As a result, it is not required to disclose any financial info. However , in accordance to monetary analysts who specialize in the wine and dis¬tilled spirits sector, 2001 revenue were considered to have exceeded $1. a few billion. In the various suppliers of wines and unadulterated spirits, the Valley Winery is considered to be the best handled and most impressive. Valley's remarkable growth and success may be traced to 2 broad elements. As previously stated, that pro¬duces wine beverages of consistently high quality for relatively low prices. Second, Valley's sales force, by using a push approach, is considered by many to be the many aggres¬sive and innovative on the market. As the manager of a San Francisco alcohol store declares, " Convert your back again on a Valley sales rep, plus your store turns into a Valley ware¬house. " Heading up the salesforce is Carl...

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