Expanding In Healthy Food Sector Essay

Exec Summary

This paper highlights on cover a successful snack food brand in Malaysia who now want to increase into the healthy food choices market due to the changing personal preferences of their customers. This kind of paper runs on the wide range of press and IMC tools such as advertising, immediate marketing, interactive marketing and personal selling as well marketing strategy and positioning like the Unique advertising proposition being " A normal yet little finger licking meals for people who love food but love themselves too” is definitely proposed to be able to create a exceptional position and higher preference for company in Malaysia. Along with a spending budget allocation staying presented would be the ways to control it provided, for the successful rendering of the advertising plan for the local brand.


Business Summary1

1 . 0 Situational analysis4

1 ) 1Strengths4

1 ) 2 Weaknesses4

1 . 3 Opportunities4

1 ) 4 Threats5

2 . 0 Target segments5

2 . you Age5

installment payments on your 2 Lifestyle style5

2 . 3 Profits level5

a few. 0 Promoting objectives6

a few. 1 Goal 1: Produce popularity among target audience6

3. 2 Objective a couple of: Achieve larger preference from target market6

3. three or more Objective three or more: Achieve larger sales through better and innovative promoting and promotions6

4. 0 Marketing strategies7

4. one particular Brand positioning7

4. 2Marketing tools7

four. 2 . 1Advertising7

4. 2 . 2 Direct marketingy7

5. 2 . 3 Interactive marketing7

4. installment payments on your 4 Personal selling8

5. 3 Target8

4. four Porters general strategy advice for the client8

some. 5 Ansoff's Growth Matrix9

5. 0 Marketing Tactics10

5. one particular Unique advertising proposition10

five. 2 Creative strategy10

six. 0 Actions and Time table11

6th. 1Budgeting12

several. 0 Analysis and control13

8. 0 References14

1 ) 0 Situational analysis

Beneath the situational evaluation will be offered the SWOT analysis with the snack food manufacturer whereby assessing its external and internal environment will probably be given in depth covering govt regulations, rivals analysis as it affects the performance of brand name as no enterprise can work in solitude. 1 . one particular Strengths

The brand has already established some accomplishment in the snack food business, which will dictates that they can must have currently established your own brand name in local industry this will make it much easier to attract customers. Being in operation since quite a while also makes it financially capable of bearing the cost of expense that they will get. The management knows the neighborhood market as well as the kind of preference they like. The brand will come up with scrumptious tasting foods in a healthy way and satisfy both demands of the people healthy food that likewise tastes very good. 1 . 2 Weaknesses

There are alot of healthful programmes and snack food businesses in the market already who know what exactly are people ordering this maybe a setback intended for our brand as it will launch the first healthy and balanced snackfood. Prior to this decision of switching to healthy and balanced snackfood segment, the brand has to experience of coping with snack food market before, and the lack of knowledge, would cause it actually hard intended for to come up with best products to draw customers. 1 ) 3 Options

Each and every one among the population changing the diet plan in Malaysia is the opportunity to gain pertaining to the brand, because they could take advantage of not only increasing target market, but also from other loyal current customers of fast food manufacturer to support them in this kind of movement. Second the diversity of the expansion of products into the healthy and balanced snack food section should be known as the opportunity pertaining to the company to grow and prosper with the obligation strategies and decisions. 1 ) 4 Dangers

The competition are the biggest threat and there is a lot of goods in the market currently which are geared towards weight loss and healthy life style. It will take the manufacturer sometime to become popular and compete with previously successful brands. 2 . 0 Target sectors

The target industry for this marketing plan can be fully dedicated to demographics: 2 . 1 Age

The initially target section for healthier snack food...

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