The Final Exam includes a set of 45 questions via 15 important topics provided in the NO-STRINGS-ATTACHED program. You need to answer just 15 queries from this collection. Answers to questions should be based upon the kind of courses in the program.

Each theme contains 3 skill levels. It is advisable to choose a question which shows the highest level of skill you can display fully: Level 1: Explanation or basic. This level shows a simple understanding of the concepts. Level 2: Software level. This level provides you with an opportunity to explain how a thing works or how to apply a concept. Level 3: Maintenance level. This level presents you having a problem. To resolve a question with this level, you have to diagnose the situation and make clear how to accurate it.

Choose only ONE question from EACH of the 15 subject areas and provide an answer for it. The grade depends upon the issue level of the question you select as well as on how well you have written it. You can also include examples and images to support your answers. Note that you must usually specify the extent you will be attempting inside your Word document along with the answers.


This exam is worth 15% of the overall individual grade. If you choose to miss this examination, you will obtain a 0. You cannot find any opportunity for makeup.

The points for each problems level will be as follows:

Level 1 concerns are well worth a maximum of 6 points

Level 2 queries are worth a maximum of almost eight points

Level 3 concerns are really worth a maximum of ten features

Individual Expertise Assessment Credit scoring Table

Numbers of Knowledge

Number of Topics Pleased

Number of Subject areas Failed

Details Per Question

Points Received

Synthesis/ Analysis

one particular

( ) x 1 . 0 sama dengan ____

Application/ Analysis

0. 8

( ) back button 0. almost eight = ____

Knowledge/ Comprehension

0. 6

( ) x 0. 6 sama dengan ____

Total Points Gained

For instance , if you pleased 5 queries at the top level, 5 questions at the middle section level, some questions in the lowest level, and failed to talk about 1 question (total of 15 questions), this is what you get:

5 x 1 = five

5 x 0. eight = four

4 back button 0. six = 2 . 4

one particular x 0 = 0

5 + 4 + 2 . some + zero = 11. 4 Total Points Attained


Laptop Structure

Course: NT1110

TOPIC My spouse and i: The Input/ Output Process

1) Level 1: Explanation

Question: A person wants to purchase a personal computer for home usage. Discover the internal components this laptop should include.

2) Level 2: Program

Question: Explain in simple terms the I/ O process.

3) Level three or more: Troubleshooting queries

Question: You typed " abcd”, however the locally fastened printer styles garbled text. How do you start resolving this problem?

Basic Network

Course(s) NT1210/ NT1310

Matter II: OSI Model

1) Level one particular: Definition

Issue: What is the OSI unit?

2) Level 2: App

Question: Utilize OSI unit to explain just how an email communication from you gets read by recipient on his/ her pc.

3) Level 3: Fine-tuning

Question: An individual can reports that they can cannot down load a file from the web. Using the OSI model, precisely what are some of the inquiries a network administrator might ask to troubleshoot this issue?

Topic 3: SOHO Internet connection

1) Level one particular: Definition

Question: Describe popular broadband alternatives available to buyers in today's market.

2) Level a couple of: Application

Question: Design and style a broadband solution to get a home network that will accommodate access by multiple web servers, computers, computer printers, TVs, phones and mobile phones for the home entertainment and data storage/ posting as well as telephony services.

3) Level 3: Troubleshooting

Question: A tiny law office is equipped with a broadband service. The office network has recently came across various indications of degraded companies. Some individuals are not able to access info from the file server organised in house every once in awhile, while some other folks are not able to gain access to the email and database...

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