Five Men Burgers  Fries Dissertation

Five Guys Burgers & Fries: Substances for Success

Lakita S. Spearmon

Professor Dr . William Vasquez

BUS508-Contemporary Organization

October twenty-seven, 2013


Five Guys' Philosophy

Jerry Murrell, owner of Five Men, believed that in order to compete with large and well established pret a manger chains, they might need to concentrate on the quality of their particular product and the satisfaction of their customers (Wiley, J. 2011). Jerry Murrell's business plan can be " Sell off a really good, succulent burger on the fresh bun. Make perfect French fries, Don't cut sides. ” (Wiley, J. 2011).

The meat to get the burgers—80 percent lean—is always new, never frosty, and their crops so clean, you could consume off the floor (Wiley, J. 2011). The hamburgers are all made to order and Five Folks have a number of toppings to go on the hamburgers such as: mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, barbequed onions, grilled mushrooms, ketchup, mustard, thrive on, onions, jalapeno peppers, green peppers, A1 Steak spices, BBQ sauce & warm sauce (FiveGuys. com). The potatoes for his or her fries comes from northern Florida where that they grow slower and because from the weather conditions, grow solid and tasty (Wiley, J. 2011). Most fast-food chains provide dehydrated frozen fries because if will be certainly water inside the potato, it splashes when it hits the oil (Wiley, J. 2011). At Five Guys, they soak the fries in water so when fries are pre-fried, the water boils, forcing vapor out of the fry. This forms a seal so that if they get fried a second time, the french fries don't absorb any essential oil and so are the fries will never be greasy (Wiley, J. 2011). The french fries are slice fresh every single morning. Five Guys still make the same bun that they started with, as it was an enormous success and every store gets fresh loaf of bread every morning (Wiley, M. 2011). Initial Values for Five Fellas

From the beginning, Five Guys needed people to realize that their money attended providing top quality food, that's why Five Folks don't...

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