Dress Code Are a Not good practice! Essay

Gown codes really are a No-No!

By Jazmin Elizondo

Do you hate wearing uniforms or possessing a dress code in school? I actually do. In my college you can just wear tshirts with a scruff of the neck and each of our pants have to be khaki, navy, black or jeans, and so they can't possess holes. Our dress code is unpleasant. How about your own? Do you like that or do you want to change it? If I had my own, personal school I would personally let my personal students' costume how they want, for them to have their own style. I believe scholar should be able to have on what they want and not let a grownup tell them in any other case. Having flexibility of style can be described as big thing through this society. Everything you wear enables you to who you are. You express yourself along with your fashion, how you dress. Later a different style and people prefer to learn who you are. But when you don't have that independence no one reaches know who also you are. We work with clothes to look each of our best and feel like the best, but when you include a dress code it ruins that. You observe people with the same polo as you, who wants that? Not really me definitely, I hate when people use the same thing because me. I like to wear my personal things as well as the things that not everyone has, I like to be unique, I love to be me personally. I know some people will claim with me saying that uniforms will certainly prepare us for real life, our careers. I understand that too, but we need to have just a little freedom, a little freedom once in my life. In our foreseeable future careers we will be caught up wearing outfits all day every day. You desire to have some flexibility wouldn't you? Also they will argue regarding exposure, that letting college students wear what they wish will cause it. Although a lot of the moments the " inappropriate” clothes still stick to the code of conduct and that we still join trouble for doing it. Having uniforms makes the learners look " educated”, but they also make them appear boring. Teachers and rules of sciene would always keep making up excuses for us not to have some liberty, but which will end at this point! Let's deal with it kids and us teenagers happen to be...

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