Essay about Henry Ii of Britain

I. Early life

A. Birth

B. Family

C. Education

M. Marriage

2. Reign

A. Early difficulty

M. King's persona

C. Government policies

M. Thomas Becket

III. Fatality

A. Accomplishments

B. Kids revolt

C. Successor

Holly II

Henry II was the first of 8 Plantagenet nobleman. He nor ignored his island empire nor pulled it in to continental difficulty. Along with Alfred, Edward cullen I, and Elizabeth We, Henry 2 ranks among the best British monarchs.

Holly II was born in Votre Mans, Italy in 1133. Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, and Matilda, girl of Holly I, had been his parents. Henry's youthful brothers had been Geoffrey and William (Bingham 22; Tabuteau 185).

Henry's father gave Henry the best education possible at that time. Peter of Saintes, who had been a well-known poet, was Henry's first guitar tutor. Adelard of Bath as well taught Holly. William of Conches and Henry's additional previous tutors instilled in Henry the appreciation to get literature. Right after Henry II's education, he became Duke of Normandy. With the loss of life of his father, Henry II became the Rely of Anjou at age 18. Once he became Count number of Anjou, Henry married Eleanor of Aquitaine on May 18, 1152, in the Cathedral of Poitiers. Their children had been William, Henry, Matilda, Rich, Geoffrey, Eleanor, Joan, and John (Bingham 22; " Henry" 835-836; Tabuteau 185).

When Stephen, who was a well-known king, died, Henry II became lord coming from all land involving the Pyrenees and Scotland (" Henry" 835). Henry were required to deal with problems as soon as he became california king. Once the Danish kingdoms set up themselves in Ireland, the Danish colonists were in war with Irish people and the Irish people were by war with themselves. California king Henry 2 realized he needed to end all the turmoil with a conquest of Ireland. In a few months, all of Ireland except Connaught was under California king Henry II's control. The regions...

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