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ieltshelpnow. com ACADEMIC MODULE PRACTICE TEST one particular

ACADEMIC HEARING PRACTICE CHECK 1 SECTION 1 Inquiries 1 -- 10 Questions 1 - 5

Full the form under. Write A MAXIMUM OF ONE TERM OR A QUANTITY for each response.



Case in point First Identity Surname Address Postcode Residence tel. Portable tel. Flight Number Couch Number Coming from To Answer Kirsty Allen (1) ____________________ Windham Road Richmond (2) ____________________ 020 8927 7651 (3) ____________________ (4) ____________________ (5) ____________________ New york city London Heathrow Page you

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Questions 6 - 8

Circle 3 letters A - Farrenheit. What products did Kirsty's bag have? A W C Deb E Farreneheit 17 pounds pens her passport a book 200 us dollars her home keys

Questions 9 and 10

Select a letter (A - D) that properly answers questions 9 and 10. being unfaithful What offers Kirsty carried out regarding the decrease of her visa or mastercard? A N C Deb 10 Educated the police but not the visa or mastercard company. Informed the credit card company but not the police. Informed both the law enforcement and the mastercard company. Educated neither the authorities nor the credit card company.

What need to Kirsty do after the call regarding her lost tote? A W C D Call back following 11вЃ„2 hours. Just wait for call back. Ca after 11вЃ„2 hours in the event she has observed nothing. Call back the next day if perhaps she has read nothing.

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SECTION 2 Concerns 11 -- 20

Concerns 11 - 14

Label the spots on the map below.

(14) _______________ _______________ _______________

Main Lecture Hall WE ARE BELOW

Car Park Area of Home

(11)_______________ __________________ __________________

(12) ____________ ____________ ____________


(13) ______________ __________________ __________________

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Questions 15 - twenty

Complete the notes listed below. Write AT MOST THREE WORDS AND PHRASES OR A AMOUNT for each response. Notes upon Student Establishments Students' Union Very cheap Bookshop Food and drink obtainable Parties! Office buildings - travel around, welfare etc . Open 8am - doze midnight Must register Excursions every (15) ____________________ for 2 weeks. Wide open 9am -- 9pm (later during (16) ____________________) Affordable meals Lunch 12 noonday noontide, meridian - 3pm Dinner (17) __________ -- 8. 30pm Types of food favourites healthy cultural (18) ____________________ vegan Need to join Athletic Union which will lets myself use services lets me personally play to get teams (19) ______________ me all year



Sporting activities Hall

Discount Card

Costs (20) ВЈ_______________ Gives me special discounts on almost all uni. companies

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SECTION a few Questions 21 - 40

Questions twenty-one - 25

Complete the table listed below. Write AT MOST THREE WORDS for each response. Day of Arrival Themes Studying Monday's 9am address Monday's 2pm lecture Wednesday afternoon sport selected Area of Sport John Thursday economics maths french france maths (24) _______________________ sports hall Anne (21) _______________________ (22) _______________________ history music history (23) _______________________ football (25) _______________________

Questions dua puluh enam - twenty nine


26 College students can choose from how many composition titles because of their first assignment? _________________________________________________________________________ twenty seven Where do John travel during the summertime? _________________________________________________________________________ 28 What is the word limit intended for the documents? _________________________________________________________________________ twenty nine When need to the initially essay always be handed in by? _________________________________________________________________________

Question 30

Circle the right letter A - C.

30 Where will Steve and Anne meet up afterwards that day time? A M C the economics program office the economics common room the campus cafe Academic Test out 1; Page 5 В© ieltshelpnow. com


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