INT1 Job 1 Essay

Portion 1: The

Solar System,

Just how Our


Has Changed

Portion One

Geocentric Vs .


Circa a hundred and fifty A. Deb. Hipparchus created principals had been

founded saying that the earth was the middle of the

universe (Jones, A. R., and. d. ).

п‚› The Geocentric Style was as a result of Claudius

Ptolemy who resided circa 90-168 A. Deb. (Cessna, 2009).




This model was regarded as truth very well into the 16 th

hundred years.

Although heliocentric (sun-centered) versions and

concepts had existed for centuries this wasn't until the

16th 100 years that it began to gain traction. Built off from

Aristarchus' job Nicolaus Copernicus was able to

gain popularity just for this model (Cessna, 2009).

Case in point One

Ahead of the Geocentric Version

Circa a hundred and fifty B. C. Hipparchus place the Earth

in the centre of the Universe in his

substantial work.

Hipparchus assumed that all of the sun

system systems visible for the naked eye

(Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Sun

Jupiter and Saturn) revolved throughout the

earth within an ellipse pattern (Jones, A. R.,

d. d. ).

(O'Connor, 1999)

Example Two

Ptolemaic Version

Circa 95 A. G Rome- A male by

the name of Claudius Ptolemy

developed one of the most widely

known version in the geocentric

unit. This came to be known

as the Ptolemaic Model of the

Solar System.

(Cessna, 1999)

Rules of sciene of this style were

a certain amount to Hipparchus, Plato

and Aristotle as well (Cessna,


(O'Connor, 1999)

Example 3

Sun-Centered Solar System

In the 16th century, Nicolaus

Copernicus posted On the

Revolutions of the Intensely Bodies

depicting his work in the

progress the heliocentric


His work required the previously know

hypothesis' of Aristarchus and

added the lacking elements

through geometry for taking it towards the

theory that it must be known for today

(Cessna, 2009).

(Cessna, 2009)

Part 2:



The Discovery of


Part Two

The Finding of Uranus

п‚› 1781

he uncovered the planet Uranus

while checking out it as a comet

(Lamont, 2000).

п‚› 1785-1789 Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel

built a telescope 3 that allowed him

to view into the interesting depth of space(" 10

telescopes”, n. deb. ).

п‚› Herschel was awarded the Copley Merit

of the Royal Society(Lamont, 2000).

Example One

Supporting Example #1

Herschel's self developed telescope that

was the major in the world for more than

50 years could detect one of

Saturn's moons on the initially night of

the operation.

He showed amazing

technological advancement and

hence sparked other folks to push hard to

develop more powerful telescopes

to make more room discoveries

(" 10 telescopes”, n. d. ).

(" 10 telescopes”, n. m. )

Case Two

Assisting Example #2

In its time the discovery of Uranus was

quite a shock, it opened the door for

extra planets being sought after.

Zero new planets had been added since

ancient times about this point.

Therefore , the particular date of this finding

gives a date of waking up, if you can,

for the hunt of recent planets and other

bodies inside the solar system (Uranus,

n. d. ).

(Uranus, n. d. )

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