Communication Limitations Essay

Conversation Barriers

Business Communication


• Inconveniences in the connection process.

• Effect on message/ Distortion:

– Clarity – Accuracy – Effectiveness

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Learning Factors

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That means Barriers Company Barriers

Organizational Barriers Individual Barriers

Channel and Media Barriers Environmental, Geo & Temp Obstacles Technological Boundaries Interpersonal Obstacles

Meaning Boundaries

• Semantic barriers.

• Different meanings assigned to a single specific communication.

– That means – Relevance – Understanding

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Which means Barriers

• • • • • • Lack of common terminology Poor Vocabulary Use of jargons Poor sentence structure Punctuation Insufficient clarity inside the message

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Organizational Barriers

• Physical distance

– – – – Useful specialization of tasks Electrical power Authority Possession of information

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Organizational Barriers

• • • • • • Complexity in organizational framework Status & positions Policies, rules & regulations Incorrect choice of moderate Communication excess Fear of superiors

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• Put in

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Scientific Barriers

• Information overload • Too technical details • Lack of knowledge

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Economic, Geographic and Provisional, provisory barriers

• Difference over time • Associated with time • Dollar costs • Diverse locations

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Interpersonal Obstacles

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Social Barriers

•Background and knowledge •Emotional limitations •Cultural boundaries •Social stress •Selection of words Your own footer

Ways To Conquer Communication Obstacles


Make use of simple language. Learn the fine art of being attentive..

This is a good example text. Go ahead and replace it with your personal text. This is certainly an example text message. Go ahead and replace it with your own textual content


a few

Poised psychological state.


Simple organizational structure. Beneficial feedback. Finally...

Essay about Persuasive Conversation