Introduction to Charge cards Essay

The mastercard refers to a plastic card designated to a card holder supplied with a borrowing limit and such limit can be utilized towards purchasing services and goods on credit rating terms.

The credit cards enable the card holders to pay for acquisitions made over a period of time and to transport the balance from billing cycle to the next. The payment for these purchases generally speaking becomes because of after a free credit period allowed for the card during the course of which no curiosity or fund charge is imposed. Curiosity is billed on the unpaid balance after the payment is due. The card holders may spend the entire volume due and save on the interest that would otherwise be billed.

The following are the parties in credit card plan:

•Cardholders: These are the persons who are authorized to use bank cards for the payment of products and solutions; •Card issuers: The corporations including banks which issue credit cards; •Merchants: entitles which usually agree to acknowledge credit cards intended for payment of goods and companies; •Merchant acquirers – Banks/NBFCs which access agreements with merchants when it comes to processing their credit card orders; and •Credit card groups: organizations that license credit providers to issue credit cards below their trademark; e. g. Visa and Mastercard and give settlement companies for their associates (i. at the. Card issuers and merchant acquirers)

Types of credit cards: Bank cards can be broadly categorized in to two groups a) Practical cards given under the brand of visa or mastercard associations (VISA and Mastercard) and approved by many retailers and b) private label cards which are approved by specific retailers (e. g. Departmental stores)

Mastercard business simply by banks:

In a few countries, financial institutions are allowed to undertake credit card organization either departmentally or by using a subsidiary company set up for the purpose. They can also undertake home-based credit card organization by stepping into tie up set up with one of...

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