Krazy 5 Copyright Circumstance Essay

Mayur S i9000. Raja

Project: Krazy 4 Copyright Controversy

Date: 22/02/2012




5. There are two songs inside the movie (Krazy 4) whose music is founded on the jingle made by RAM MEMORY SAMPATH. 5. Jingle is perfect for the advertisement of cell phone brand name Sony Ericsson. * ROSHANS changed their particular earlier uphold lacking the bonafides saying that the Hrithik Roshan features didn't delivered the meaning (SMS) to RAM SAMPATH by writing that Sony Ericsson provides gave them the right to utilize the music. 2. Ram proved that there was negotiations among him and ROSHANS regarding the usage of jingle in the motion picture but the settlement failed. * ROSHANS had been offering Rs. 25 Lakhs to MEMORY SAMPATH however the negotiation failed. * Case filed while ‘Infringement of Copyright'.

* Though it was to get few seconds but it creates effects in viewers that it is the music taken from a lot of advertisement ring. * The background music rights for the movie was sold for installment payments on your 5 crore and ROSHANS were supplying 25 lakhs to MEMORY SAMPATH that was pittance. 5. At the end RAM MEMORY SAMPATH turned out that ROSHANS copied the jingle by violating the copyright legislation and even turned out that ROSHANS are ranking back on the false statement which hardly ever happened together and Volvo Ericsson. * The jingle and the tracks from the movie has been examined by the professional named SHIV MATHUR whom said that the songs music has been replicated from jingle and explained the music is comparable. * Deb. G. KARNIK (Megistrate) also checked the music and realized the same. 2. At the end MEMORY SAMPATH gained the case and ROSHANS have to pay compensation of Rs. a couple of crore which will both the parties has did out of court settlement.

My Watch Point:

The decision which the courtroom gave for RAM SAMPATH was entirely wrong mainly because according in my opinion ROSHANS failed to copy jingle without knowing to RAM SAMPATH. They have offered RAM SAMPATH and agreed with him for by using a very small part of the jingle or the device which he used for producing...

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