Essay about lab5



1 ) When configuring services, what Linux directory typically consists of server setup files? -/sbin/service

2 . What command disables remote access to the MySQl Database? Are these claims a security solidifying best practice? -skip-networking. This is a security solidifying best practice for Cpanel.

3. What exactly is Linux runlevel for a certain service or perhaps application? What command allows you to define the runlevel exclusively for a service or application? -Level a few is the command that allows you decide the runlevel to get the application. sudo /sbin/chkconfig --level 3 mysql on

four. What is the Apache World wide web Server? Review the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd. conf configuration file, and point out a setting that could enhance reliability. -It is a commonly and popular world wide web server which is used around the world. The apache world wide web serverruns upon Unix centered systems. It also has a excessive record for security.

a few. OpenSSH is the de facto method to remotely access Cpanel systems. Describe why the use of telnet is discouraged. -The reason why telnet is discouraged is because not necessarily secure making ita reliability risk.

6th. What are symbolic links?

-It is a hyperlink that take into account another file.

7. Why is it recommended to disable emblematic links in MySQL? -It is recommended to disable the symbolic links in MySQL because it can be quite a security risk. It is also advised to eliminate it as it refers to various other files.

almost 8. Why might you add the " skip-networking” command?

-You would add it to avoid remote usage of the data source and disallow the ability to weight a local data file.

being unfaithful. What two files will sendmail generate while digesting a message? -" df” shops the body of the message. " qf” retailers in the header and other section

10. What command seeking locally to get the sendmail's type number? -sendmail -d0. some -bv root

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