Cannabis Essay

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Even though if Cannabis were to be legalized there would be no chance to regulate their use, Marijuana should be legalized for equally medicinal and recreational make use of because Marijuana is not really a lethal drug and is safer than liquor. Cannabis work with has results, such as it is medical benefit and work with as a leisure drug with few unwanted side effects. Cannabis has been on earth in a variety of regions pertaining to thousands and thousands of years. Its many benefits, equally medicinal and recreational, possess only just been theorized and scrutinized while seen in it is current classification as a Plan I narcotic drug. They have not always been this way. Cannabis has been documented countless moments in history as being used because an herbal health supplement, in ancient ceremonies, and the early years of medicine. Its legality has been the source of great controversy, both sides quarrelling tooth-and-nail, struggling with for their aspect of the issue. Personally, I believe that Cannabis should be legalized in its whole for the two medicinal and recreational utilization in adults in the United States. A great example of how secure Cannabis is usually can be found by reading " Here Are Each of the People Who Have Perished From A Marijuana Overdose”, an article printed by The Huffington Post. The content clearly declares that not a single individual has at any time died via a [Cannabis] overdose. This info is even more affirmed simply by stating, " a [Cannabis] smoker will have to consume 20, 000 to 40, 000 times how much THC within a joint in order to be at risk of dying” (Wing, 2013). The author, Nick Wing, evidently points out that Cannabis can be described as nonlethal, secure, humanly consumable plant without obvious dangers of loss of life from its use, whether it be medicinal or leisure. Does this demonstrate that the United states of america wrongly placed Cannabis being a Schedule one particular drug, and has intentionally refuted evidence that Marijuana is a safe product to work with? Many first-time users knowledge positive effects of Cannabis use and will continue to benefit from it in different...

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