Marketing Assesment of Burton Inc. Snowboards Essay

Burton Snowboards: A Marketing Assesment

Snowboarding is a winter sport that may be rapidly growing in popularity. The founder in the sport, Jack Burton Father, is amazed at the success of the snowboarding industry and has contributed the success of the marketplace to his determination of foreseeing snowboarding becoming a popular winter sport. The following task will identify with details the environmental pushes influencing the snowboarding industry, the differences in marketing goals in comparison to Burton Snowboarding's early years with that more recently, and will illustrate each element of Burton Snowboarding's marketing mix.

The environmental pushes influencing the snowboarding industry includes the next:

Demographic: Middle-agers will retire or have currently taken early on retirement; as a result recreational activities will increase greatly. Latest retirees will offer up most of their free time, (that was normally set aside for work), for leisure and recreational activities. The snow boarding market is targeting teenagers' using their products. Consequently , if the board industry would like to keep the young audience affinity for their products they must maintain its photo. In order to keep their very own image safe, the industry must sell off to excessive profit agencies and not low quality markets like the bi-way, (who knows the particular bi-way would wish with snowboards but 2 weeks . good sort of a low spending budget market).

Economic- Business Cycle: Sales of snowboards will be high during times of prosperity, (when the economy reaches its peak). Adding more appeal on snow boards, (examples: a brand new look, upgrade, new products and even more uses for the product), during times of prosperity throughout the economy will help to increase the snowboard market. Widening the board market makes the consumer more aware of the merchandise and thus adds to the sales for the product.

Economy- Inflation: Because the majority of the consumers buying snowboards are teenagers, inflation rates will certainly affect...

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