Essay regarding Mobile Phone and Technology

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August 1, 2012

Computer, phones, net and latest gadgets just like GPS products are not any more unusual thing in our daily existence. People begin to use all those technological technology as their everyday life needs. Householder's life style has blend together with technology. Although most of the people feel that technology got made out life simpler, in my opinion their making us overly dependent upon those technology.

Today's technology is becoming much lazier than the earlier era. This is because they may be too dependent upon technologies. Some of them are unable to do something on their own. For instance , some people depend on grass-cutting devices to clean all their lawn, although they can take action without that. I guess 2 weeks . way for them to be progressive verses staying productive. Another example is usually, today's youngsters generation won't be able to separate with their mobile phones. They will feel like that they lost an individual in their family members if the cellphone if certainly not in their hands. This clearly shows us how much persons depending on technologies.

Most of the effective countries happen to be dependent on their particular industrial power to stabilize their status. Technology made commercial development to boost rapidly. Industries depend more on equipment then human power. This newly unexpected robotic technology makes man workers to get totally overlooked in some factories. Besides that, mobile technology makes existence even quicker. As gadgets become lighter and more powerful we will no longer have to possible until we get to our vacation spot. We can do almost anything during the road. In this fast paced community, people with out a laptop or perhaps mobile devices are definitely the ones who also are forgotten on their work. Back in the day, people communicated through letters. But nowadays, many people lose a large number of money if you have no email service for just one hour.

On the other hand, people admit technology reflects how quickly human kind has developed and civil. They think...

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