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Moringa seeds happen to be known to have an antimicrobial substance, which usually gets rid of microorganisms that suppresses growth. This investigatory task aims to provide evidence that Moringa seed products can be used to purify contaminated water. The benefits of this investigatory job is that the filtered water can also be used in our each day lives, might help in the upkeep of water, fewer expenditures would take place and brings knowledge for the purification of water. From this experiment, Moringa seeds, a mortar, a clean cloth and drinking water will be used to conduct the experiment.

If the experiment was conducted, two (2) Moringa seeds were used every trial. The whitish nucleus fluid, discovered inside the Moringa seeds, had been crushed by using a mortar or natural stone until it lead to having a powder texture. Mixed in a small cup, was your powder having a small level of clean water. The blend was poured into the contaminated water that was intended to purify and was quickly stirred for about thirty (30) seconds after that continued mixing the water after having a few minutes. All of us observed the every few minutes and recorded your data. The Moringa seeds required an hour very long to detox the polluted water which will proves that Moringa seed can be used to detox contaminated water.


The advocates would like to appreciate Naomi Kurata for assisting us find Moringa seed and the help of the loved ones of each proponent.

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a. Background of the Study4

b. Statement in the Problem/Objectives4

c. Significance in the Study4

g. Scope and Limitations5

at the. Review of Related Literature5


Results and Discussion7




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We. Background in the Study

Filtered water is definitely a important necessity in our daily lives. In purifying water, it experiences a process wherever it gets rid of bacteria and undesirable chemical substances. Water isn't only utilized for human usage but for medical and industrial demands as well. With this experiment, the utilization of Moringa (well known as Malunggay) seeds will be tested if it will be able to cleanse water that can be used in the everyday lives. We made a decision to focus on this research topic because we all discovered that Moringa seeds contain antimicrobial material which gets rid of microorganisms that suppresses their growth.

II. Statement from the Problem/Objectives

Water is essential for any living things however these days; it can be one of the most polluted elements in the world. On the other hand, experts and experts have discovered and proven that the Moringa tree includes a lot of health rewards. How much seed products will it decide to try purify 500 mL of polluted drinking water?

The general target of this investigatory project shall be able to cleanse contaminated drinking water with the use of Moringa seeds. The actual objective is usually to know how various Moringa seed products will be able to purify 500 milliliters of contaminated water the very best.

III. Significance with the Study

The purpose of this study is to assist in the maintenance of drinking water by using an alternate for purification treatments. This might modify peoples' way of living as it adds to their very own knowledge towards cleansing or purifying of water. The key benefits of this research study are that fewer bills would arise and it might help everyone including Web page 5

human beings, animals and even plants. Water purification may also be useful for medical, pharmacological and chemical needs. The refinement process of normal water may reduce bacteria and viruses that do not help out with our lives.

IV. Scope and Limitations

The range of this investigatory project is good for contaminated normal water to be filtered. It targets the use of Moringa seeds as being a factor in purifying water. The limitation with this study may be the identification of other possible seeds of plants that could be...

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