Sales Framework:

Pricing Structure:

Relative Price with closest competitor:

MSE(Women's apparel)

Boardwalk(Women's apparel)

Polo Clothing









Channel Recruiting strategies and incentives:

Person franchise supplier Recruitment and Incentives

1 ) Rebates of 3% for every 1 get + offers of products promotions 2 . Imparting and expenses free a couple of days holiday of high revenue quota 3. Cash assistance for retail outlet rentals

four. 37 times credit payment of purchased product

Specific Sales supplier Recruitment & Incentives

1 . 3% discounts of 1 month paid in sales for every recruit

2 . 1 raffle ticket for every 1k paid in revenue to be driven

3. Products incentives for every first to dealer maximum paid in sales 5. Awarding of highest paid in sales

Analysis of product and marketing mixture:

Marikina Footwear Exchange a well-known company, of ladies, men's and children attire and a range of home appliances and essentials. With the huge opportunities offered by the direct-selling and its multi-level marketing to the people, the MSE Company is now receiving plenty of member's everyday with the rate of recruitment ongoing to receive high. The MSE Business came from the various local supplies delivered through the central MSE warehouse and distributed to every part of MSE branches. MSE offers an array of a high quality and fashionable products that suits diverse taste & lifestyle for their consumers. In case the customer makes any issue to their purchased item or would want to exchange a product that has currently bought, Mrs. Anica says that all the manufactured items can be exchange to various other items or perhaps can be exchange in sizes except for romantic apparel particularly the cosmetics and personal garments. Mrs. Anica Delete Rosario declares that, from MSE twigs the product visits franchise dealers and distributed by person sales seller in list. The operation dealer then earns a 40% low cost while the...

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