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5: 1 Guided Reading—Cultures of the Mountain range and the Sea A. Studying Causes and Recognizing Effects As you read it, make notes in the data to explain how each geographic characteristic or perhaps historical event influenced the history and tradition of early on Greek civilization. History and Tradition

1 . Position " around” a sea

Greeks rarely traveled more than eighty-five miles to get to the shoreline. Greeks experienced important travel routes

Greece was poor in all-natural resources

2 . Rugged mountains

Rugged mountains covered three-fourths of ancient Greece.

Mountains divided the land to a number of different locations Mountains Motivated Greek political life.

several. Little fertile farmland

Suitable for farming valleys protected one-fourth of Greece

Portugal was by no means able to support a large population

Greece based their diet on software program crops

5. Moderate environment

Third important environmental impact on Ancient greek language civilization Portugal has a varied climate

Moderate temperatures recognized an outdoor lifestyle for many Ancient greek language citizens

your five. Mycenaean adaptation of Minoan culture

The Minoan civilization had prospered on Crete for six hundred years. The Mycenaean maintained elements of Minoan culture by causing it part of their own lives. Mycenaean adapted the Minoan writing system to the Greek Terminology.

6. The Trojan War

Mycenaean kings fought a ten-year battle with Troy

Trojan conflict was a have difficulty for charge of a crucial water in the Aegean Sea Attack on Troy was most likely one of the last campaigns with the Mycenaenan

7. The fall of Mycenaean civilization

Sea raiders attacked the Mycenaean world palace after palace. A new group of people joined this war-torn countryside.

Greeks appear to have got temporarily neglected the art of producing during the Dorian Age.

W. Determining Primary Ideas Around the back of this kind of paper, describe the significance of myths as well as the epics of Homer in ancient Greek tradition. Myths will be traditional tales about the Greek gods...

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