Net360 Guidance Essay

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NETW320: Converged Networks with Lab

Lab #6 Title: Codec Assortment for Grounds Network – Part 2 . Procedure

Commence OPNET THAT Guru.

Open up the circumstance

1 . Select File/Open.

installment payments on your Select Laptop or My personal Computer (depending on which O/S you have).

3. On your f: drive, open the op_models file and then the NETW320 file.

4. Open Lab3_LANCodec. task.

5. Simply click Lab3_LANCodec. prj or Lab3_LANCodec (again, according to what O/S you have).

6. Simply click Open. The project should open.

7. Choose Cases > Swap Scenarios > LANCodec

Change the Simulation Run

1 ) We now will be ready to configure the simulation. Find the Configuration/Run [pic] tab in the tool bar. After simply clicking it, this screen will certainly open.


2 . Transform Duration to 3 and hour(s) to minute(s) (if really not already). Then, grow the Traffic entry. [pic]

3. Scroll down to the Traffic Your own Factor and Traffic Scaling Mode alternatives.


4. Replace the value in the Traffic Scaling Factor by 1 . zero to zero. 2 by opting for Edit and typing inside the new benefit. Change the value of the Visitors Scaling Mode from History Traffic to All Traffic (if it's certainly not already).


5. Changing these features will allow the simulation to operate faster. Just click Apply and then Cancel to close the Configure/Run DES home window.

6. At this point, Save your scenario.

several. Before we duplicate the scenarios, today would be a great time to work the initial simulation to ensure that we have all with the configurations manufactured correctly. After we copy these people over to the G729 and G723. one particular scenarios, if perhaps something is designed incorrectly, that mistake will be transferred more than.

8. In the tool club, select Situations -> Deal with Scenarios. The next menu will be.


being unfaithful. Under the Results column pertaining to the first Scenario, LANCodec, change uncollected to and click OKAY. While the sim is working, you should observe this display. [pic]

10. It might take a couple of minutes pertaining to the ruse to run mainly because we are asking the simulation to do a large amount of calculations and graphs. When the sim is complete (the Close switch will light), click the Close button. Our company is now ready to look at the results.

11. In the tool tavern, select DIESES > Benefits > View Results. The Results Browser will appear. [pic]

12. Expand " Global Statistics” and choose the following: Increase Select

DIE BAHN Query Response Time (sec)

E-mail Down load Response Period (sec)

Tone Packet End-to-End Delay (sec)


13. Then, change AS IS to Time Typical using the dropdown arrow and click the Demonstrate button. The next panel will be.


14. Your graphs do not have to match specifically, but they must be very similar. If they are not, recheck your work before continuing. Close out of the charts by selecting the X inside the top right hand side from the window and Delete the panel. We are able to always consider the graph once again later whenever we choose to do so. Close out with the Results Web browser.

Duplicating the Scenarios

1 . Right now we will create two even more scenarios. Inside the second one particular, we changes the Codec from G. 711 to G. 729, and in the next one, we all will change the Codec to G. 723. 1 . In that case, we will certainly compare the results for all those three situations simultaneously to analyze the behavior with the network traffic.

2 . Select Scenarios> Duplicate Situations option from your menu bar. The Enter Name windowpane will appear, adding 1 to the current scenario name. Delete the 1 and add _G729 to make the new circumstance name, because below.


3. The modern screen will automatically assign the term of LANCodec_G729 to the new scenario. Simply click OK.

4. Focus on the Application Config node by simply left-clicking upon it and then right-click on the node and select Edit Attributes from your menu. The subsequent screen will be. Expand the application form Definitions woods....

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