Natural Vegetation Essay


Natural vegetation refers to a herb community which includes grown obviously without man aid and has been kept undisturbed by humans for years. This is known as virgin vegetation. Thus, grown crops and fruits, orchards form element of vegetation but is not natural plants. Virgin vegetation -The virgin vegetation, that happen to be purely Of india are called endemic or perhaps indigenous species but those which have come from outside India are termed as exotic plant life. Flora- The definition of flora is employed to denote crops of a particular region or perhaps period. Fauna- the species of animals happen to be referred to as fauna. This enormous diversity in flora and fauna kingdom is due to the following factors. ALLEVIATION Land Terrain affects the natural vegetation directly and indirectly. The size of land impact on the type of plants. The agricultural level is mostly devoted to cultivation. The undulating and rough terrains are areas where grassland and woodlands develop and give shelter to a variety of crazy life. Ground The soils also differ over space. Different types of soils provide basis for different types of vegetation. The soft sand soils from the desert support cactus and thorny shrubbery while moist, marshy, deltaic soils support mangroves and deltaic plants. The hillside slopes with a depth of soil have conical trees.


Temp The character and extent of vegetation are mostly determined by temp along with humidity in the air, precipitation and soil. Within the slopes with the Himalayas plus the hills from the Peninsula over a height of 915 metres, the fall in the temp affects the kinds of vegetation as well as its growth, and changes it from warm to semitropical temperate and alpine plants.

Temperature Characteristics of the Vegetation Zones Plants Zones Warm Sub-tropical Temperate Alpine Imply Annual Typical Temp. (in degree C) Above 24°C 17°C to 24°C 7°C to 17° C Listed below 7°C Mean Temp. In Jan. In degree C Above 18° 10°C to 18°C -1°C to (-10 ) °C Below–1°C Remarks No Ice Frost is definitely rare Frost some snow Snow

Supply: Environment Atlas of India, June 2001, Central Pollution Control Table Delhi Photoperiod (Sunlight) The variation in duration of sun light at diverse places is a result of differences in latitude, altitude, time and life long the day. As a result of longer life long sunlight, woods grow more quickly in summer time. Precipitation In India practically the entire rain fall is introduced by the advancing southwest monsoon (June to September) and retreating northeast monsoons. Regions of heavy rain fall have more heavy vegetation as compared to other areas of less rainfall.

ECOSYSTEM The nature of the vegetation in an location, to a large extent, determines the animal life in this area. When the vegetation is altered, the dog life likewise changes. All of the plants and animals in an area will be interdependent and interrelated to each other in their physical environment, as a result, forming a great ecosystem. Human beings are also an integral part of the ecosystem. A very significant ecosystem upon land having distinct types of vegetation and animal life is known as biome. The biomes are identified on such basis as plants. TYPES OF PLANTS The following major types of vegetation can be identified in our country (i) Tropical Virgin forest (ii) Tropical Deciduous Jungles (iii) Exotic Thorn Forests and Scrubs (iv) Montane Forests (v) Mangrove Woodlands

Tropical Rain Forests These woodlands are restricted to heavy rain fall areas of the Western Ghats and the isle groups of Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar, higher parts of Assam and Tamil Nadu seacoast. They are by their best in areas having more than 2 hundred cm of rainfall which has a short dry out season. The trees reach great altitudes up to 62 metres or maybe above. Considering that the region can be warm and wet throughout the year, it has a riche vegetation of all types – trees and shrubs, shrubs, and creepers giving it a multilayered structure. These forests appear green all the year-round. Some of the commercially important forest of this...

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