Effect of MdgsNti Capacity Building Workshops intended for Primary School Teachers on Pupils’ Academic Performance in Ibadan, Nigeria Composition




Odeleye, D. A., Okunola, O. Meters. & Akinnola, F.

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The study reviewed the effect of MDGs/NTI ability building workshops for primary school teachers on pupils' educational performance in Ibadan South/West Local Government area of Oyo Condition, Nigeria. Quasi – experimental research design and style was employed while Students' Achievement Evaluation (SAT) utilized by the specialist to collect data. The study revealed that there is significant difference in the educational performance of pupils taught by instructors who took part in the MDGs/NTI capacity building workshops and pupils trained by educators who would not participate in the workshops. The researcher recommended intensified and frequent workshops, seminars and similar re-training programmes pertaining to teachers to be able to achieve educational goals.

Key phrases: Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Capacity Building Workshops, Learners Academic Functionality.


The problem of development is of paramount concern to students, activists, political figures and companies both for local and international amounts. The general perception is that sustainable development provides about great change obvious in ability of people to buy their simple necessities of life just like food, clothing and shield. Added to this is usually increased use of material, physical and mental resources. Once again, enhanced usage of education, equivalent participation in governance inspite of gender, socio-economic or religious background, job opportunities and on the whole, improvement in people's standard of living, freedom of choice and dignity are all directories of creation. However , the condition of the world today is that various countries are underdeveloped with precarious directories. Otive (2006) asserted more than 1 ) 2 billion people or about 20% of the world population lives on lower than US $1 per day. Generally in most of these countries, wealth is targeted in the hands of a few people. Nigeria, for example , was among the list of richest 55 countries in the early 1970s. It is miserable to mention which the country offers retrogressed for being one of the 25 poorest countries at the threshold of the 21st century. Human Development Report while cited in Akingbade (2008) reported that Nigeria is merely better off than 26 countries in the measurable Human Creation Indices (HDI) and by inference in the standard of living of the citizenry. According to him, the indices regarded as in the rating include: economic performance including Gross Home product (GDP), Gross Nationwide Product (GNP) and every capita income, life expectancy, literacy rates, drinking water, nutrition and sanitation status, health risks and technology konzentrationsausgleich and make use of. It is notorious that life span in Nigeria is as low as 51, that regarding two thirds of its citizens are poor, that the economic system is still mainly import based mostly and joblessness soar in two digits level. All of these are very clear indications of low level of development in the area.


The need to address the situation of lower income and showcase sustainable expansion brought about the development of the MDGs. The United Nations Millennium Declaration was followed in Sept, 2000 with the largest ever gathering of heads of states (both rich and poor countries). Essentially, the MDGs was adopted to bridge the developmental distance between the industrialized and the under developed countries of the world. Adaka and Dabo (2008) opined that the MDGs is intended to address the situation of inequality, neglect, exploitation and oppression of the people of the under-developed nations around the world globally so as to achieve poverty reduction and sustainable advancement with fairness. The MDGs came up with 8-10 clearly defined objectives. The ten main goals as reported by Olive (2006) are: 1 ) Eradicate...

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