OnOff Control Essay

Test No . 1



In today's modern globe, automation is one of the things that bring about convenience in our way of living – in the temperature of your room to the flushing with the toilet. Automation of these items is work by control systems. A control system is a device or set of products to manage, control, direct or perhaps regulate the behaviour of other devices or perhaps systems.

Many industrial control systems have approximately first purchase dynamics and are controlled by just switching a great actuator On / off. Liquid level control devices and heat processes are examples of this sort of systems.

Through this experiment, the control system that will be applied is the ON / OFF control. And it will be applied in controlling the level inside a ship.

The objective of this kind of experiment is to demonstrate On and off control of level inside a method tank. And after the test, the students will be able to identify the parts of a feedback control loop, commission and operate an on/off controller and be familiar with Solenoid Valves and Motorized Control Valves.

An on/off control is a kind of feedback control where the control element will either be at its fully-opened or fully-closed position. Physique 1 show the feedback control process exactly where it spiral when the last control component is improved bringing about the change in method conditions.

Figure 1 . Feedback Control Process

Determine 2 reveals the equipment found in the try things out. Where Number 2a and 2c is a Process area of the system and Figure 2b is the electric powered part of the program. These products are used to demonstrate the on and off Control system.



Number 2 . (a) Front watch of PCT 9 (b) PCT 10 (c) Again View of PCT 9.

First, the water level was controlled by manipulationg the inlet circulation rate. It could be observed the fact that system, in order to maintain its level at 85 – 80 mm, the excess water was drained returning to the water tank by opening the solenoid...

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