Olof Hanson Essay

Olof Hanson – Initial Deaf American Architect

Slide 1: Background

His parents were Hans Larsson Hanson and Nilla Rasmusdotter

Born September 10, 1862 in Fjälkinge, in Skåne County, Laxa, sweden Died September 8th, 1933 (Age 70) in Detroit, Washington

Olof lost his experiencing at the age of tough luck.

Slide Two: Background Continuing

His father died in 1874 just right after the family members had planned to advance to the ALL OF US. Since his father had died the family postponed moving right up until the next 12 months (1875). Just two weeks after they had moved to Seattle Olof lost his hearing. Then in 1878 he entered Minnesota Institute for the Deaf, Dumb, and Blind, (now referred to as Minnesota Condition Academy for the Deaf). He afterwards graduated in 1881.

After graduating that's exactly what entered Gallaudet University inside the fall of 1881. This individual graduated by Gallaudet in 1886 at the head of the second largest category in the history of Gallaudet. Slip Three: Job

In 1886 he joined Hodgson & Son

In 1889 this individual left Hodgson & Son to spend 10 months overseas.

His five months overseas were put in in England, Scotland, France, Italia, Switzerland, Philippines, Denmark, Laxa, sweden, and Norwegian. In 1890 he came into Wilson Bros & Company.

Only one short year later (1891) he decided to come back to Minnesota Commence for the Deaf, Stupid, and Blind, (now known as the Minnesota State Academy intended for the Deaf) to teach. Olof ran his own organization for three years.

Slide Five: Personal Information

Olof married Agatha Tiegel, who was the initial female graduate of Gallaudet University's full B. A. program in 1893. Together we were holding the parents of three children.

1901 -- Marion Farreneheit. (MN)

1905 - Alice C. (WA)

1907 – Helen (WA)

Slide 6:

From 1910 to 1913 Olof had dished up as president of the National Association with the Deaf of the United States (NAD). In his forty years of architecture he had helped design and style over 100 buildings. Among the buildings constructed from his plans are: The North Dakota University for the Deaf; a boys' dormitory building with the...

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