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Cover Page

The cover page should certainly contain the pursuing:

• Title (subtitle Optional)

• Term of Job Proponent

• Day Submitted


The following please note should show on the page following the cover: " This kind of project is submitted towards the Institute of Computer Research in part fulfilment with the requirements intended for the degree Master in I . t at the College or university of the Philippines Los Baños. It is the item of my own, personal work besides where mentioned in the textual content. The task report or any type of portion thereof including the origin code or any type of section can be freely replicated and allocated provided that the original source is known. ” Acceptance Sheet

The popularity sheet should contain the following:

• Introductory paragraph

This kind of project proposal entitled " ” submitted to the Start of Computer system Science, School of the Thailand University Los Baños in partial happiness of the requirements for the degree Master of Information Technology is usually hereby approved. • Personal of Adviser

• Date

• Signature of the Panel 1

• Particular date

• Signature in the Panel you

• Date

2 This can be the proposed common to be assessed by the Commence of Computer system Science, College or university of the


This section gives an overall perspective of your project in not more than 300 terms. The contents must mention the following: • The project output (What you suggest to develop)

• The problem site

• Objectives and significance from the project

• Personality of job sponsor

• Explanation of environment and institutional background

• Information of the system development method you plan to follow along with • Style Studies you intend to do during development

• Proposed project examination scheme

I. The Problem Domain

This chapter should be able to cite the following sections in only 900 words: A. Affirmation of the Difficulty

1 . What your task will talk about

N. Background and Targets of the Task

1 . What started the job. Could be:

a. Current relevant institutional gaps

b. Improvements/enhancements to the current jogging systems c. Requests by simply users/clientele to get systems development initiative C. Significance and Scope in the Project

D. Records of Existence and Seriousness of the Trouble 1 . Documents of current system/s (if any)

2 . Problem/s identified with the existing systems

several. Process models of existing systems contributing to the challenge 4. Info models of these kinds of existing systems

5. Data (or any kind of statistics) that will be relevant to confirm existence and seriousness with the identified concerns

II. Review of Existing Alternatives

This part should be able to present the following in not more than six hundred words: • Description showing how users/clientele presently cope with the condition. • Measure the best obtainable resources for addressing the problem. • Describe how you will propose to be given existing and current best practices in your project. 4 | P a g elizabeth

3. Approach to be studied in this subject matter

This chapter are able to present the subsequent in not more than 900 words and phrases: A. Theoretical Framework

1 . Data Systems theories you intend to use

2 . Systems design and style principles you would like to use. Included in this are relevant procedure and Data models

B. Rationale for the framework

1 . How it meets the problem domain name and goes beyond the existing alternatives C. Technology you plan to consider or perhaps use

1 . So why these solutions are appropriate

2 . What they add to the the majority of promising existing alternative IV. Project Program

This chapter will need to contain the following sufficient detail within 1200 words: A. Concept

1 . Information of the style as you presently envision that

installment payments on your Process unit, data style, and other schematics to visually present your concept.

3. List of key highlights of the recommended design with simple explanation and rationale for each feature.

B. Methods

1 . Brief description of the strategies you will use to develop the...

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