Opinion around the novel The Zahir Essay

Opinion on the New Entitled The Zahir

Your life, happiness, love, loss, and obsession characterize the latest book that I have read – The Zahir written by the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho. The title itself revealed a fascinating feeling and curiosity towards the readers. The word " Zahir” comes from the Islamic custom which means noticeable and incapable of going unnoticed. This international bestseller story is a piece of art full of impresses and insider secrets. The story is all about the narrator, a best seling novelist who have lived by enjoying every one of the pleasures and privileges – money, fame, power, and celebrity brings. For unknown reasons, he was abandoned by his very own wife named Esther, a war-correspondent. The straightforward language used by the writer is so effective and powerful that would allow readers to appreciate the intensity with the scenes. Moreover, the writer used the first-person point of view to induce effectively psychological situations. Paulo Coelho also made use of symbolism. As an adventurous person, We appreciate many the narrator's pilgrimage. My spouse and i felt like I was also journeying by browsing the narrator's search for his own do it yourself and partner from Rome to Kazakhstan. Along the quest with exceptional significance, the novel confirmed virtues just like generosity to the poor, spirituality, patience, love, respect and knowing yourself to have authentic happiness. Finally in the later on part, the narrator was able to meet Esther and if to stay with him or not is based on her decisions. I can declare the finishing is worth studying and waiting around because of the savoring tension. After reading the whole story, I am able to deduce the author is someone who is included with experiences and wisdom; and maybe he's also in search pertaining to something incredibly significant. The Zahir represents a human experience…after reading that, readers might learn again how to love and reduce in an unselfish way, and a lot especially, the right way to live life to the fullest.

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