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Pharmacy Database Management System


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Cost/Benefit Research

System Research

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Program Design

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Chapter 1


Chemist Database Management System


The key aim of the project is the management with the database with the pharmaceutical shop. This is made by creating a databases of the available medicines at the mechanic. The repository is then coupled to the main software by using interconnection of the Visual Basic plan and the databases already produced.


The program can be used in different pharmaceutical outlets having a databases to maintain. The software used can generate reports, as per the customer's requirements. The software can produce invoices, bills, receipts and so forth It can also keep up with the record of supplies submitted by the supplier

Chapter a couple of


2 . you Feasibility Examine

A feasibility analysis involves a detailed assessment of the need, worth and functionality of a suggested enterprise, just like systems advancement. The process of creating and putting into action record keeping systems has significant answerability and resource implications to get an organization. Feasibility analysis can help you make knowledgeable and clear decisions at crucial items during the developing process to determine whether it is operationally, economically and technically realistic to proceed with a particular course of action.

Most feasibility studies happen to be distinguished to get both users and analysts. First, the study often presupposes that when the feasibility file is being well prepared, the analyst is in a position to evaluate solutions. Second, the majority of studies are likely to overlook the confusion inherent in system advancement – the constraints as well as the assumed attitudes.

2 . 1 . 1 Detailed feasibility

People are innately resistant to change, and pcs have been proven to facilitate alter. An estimate ought to be made of just how strong a reaction the user personnel is likely to have toward the introduction of a digital system. Rather knowledge that computer installations have something to do with turnover, transfers, retraining, and changes in employee task status. Therefore , it is recognized that the introduction of a candidate system needs special efforts to educate, promote and train the staff about new ways of conducting organization.

2 . 1 . 2 Technological feasibility

Technical feasibility centers throughout the existing computer system (hardware, software program, etc . ) and to what extend it can support the proposed addition. For example , if the current pc is functioning at 80% capacity – an arbitrary ceiling – then working another program could excess the system or require additional hardware. This involves financial considerations to accommodate technological enhancements. In case the budget can be described as serious limitation, then the job is evaluated not feasible.

2 . 1 . 3 Cost/ Benefit research

Monetary analysis is the most frequently used way of evaluating the effectiveness of a candidate program. More commonly called cost benefit analysis, the procedure is to identify the benefits and savings which have been expected coming from a candidate program and compare them with costs. If rewards overweigh costs, then the decision is made to design and put into practice the system. Normally, further justification or changes in the recommended system must be made in case it is to have a chance of being approved. This is certainly an ongoing hard work that enhances in accuracy and reliability at each stage in the system life cycle.


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