Joy of My Life Article

Joy of My Life

Shirley Evans

English language 121

Teacher Jen Callier

January twenty, 2013

Happiness of Living

I never considered myself blessed in anything, or knew the objective of my life, until the birth of my personal grandson. Robert is my first grandchild and greatest blessing The almighty has presented me, as well as the center of my whole world for which We give thanks each day. His existence started with difficulties, nevertheless his unquenchable Г©lan has brought joy to the people who meet him. Robert entered warring on Wednesday, February twenty-three, 2009 for 2: twenty-eight in the evening; weighing 2lbs. 14 ounces and measuring 16 ins long. This individual arrived 8 weeks premature, and reminded me of a baby doll with wrinkled epidermis covering his tiny arms and legs. Set listed below perfectly arched blonde eyebrows were eye so darker as to seem black, and opened large to make these people look enormous. A conical shaped mind covered with platinum blonde hair produced his sunken cheeks stick out; giving him the appearance of a great alien. I actually fell in love the moment I saw him and my love grows immeasurably with every passing day. Robert created at a rapid pace despite being born prematurely. Within a stay with all of us one weekend, I laid him in the back atop a quilt spread on the ground for him to rotate on. This individual rolled onto his tummy raising his head up; arms dogging out in his attributes with lower limbs kicking planning to crawl. This individual reminded me of a turtle poking out of its shell, slowly inching his way off the blanket. To this day my personal daughter still calls him turtle after witnessing his attempt to spider. Once he learns to walk, you cannot find any holding him back; this individual joyfully experiences life with smiles in the face and laughter in his voice. Robert is growing as a precocious child who quickly turns self-employed. He stands proud with arms geniculate as he proclaims he can outfit himself, and I settle into my seat to watch him put his arms in the sleeves of his t-shirt, and stick his shirt tails in his skinny jeans. I i am shocked to appreciate how quickly he is growing as he...

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