Police Businesses Paper

Police Operations



September 03, 2010

Arnold Wicker


In the early on 1900 policing made up of two basic capabilities patrolling and investigating crimes. Patrol representatives patrolled areas mainly on foot requiring immediate contact with the city they dished up. The investigators investigated illegal gambling operations and data corruption. Looking into contemporary policing dangers in the job is a major concern as well as how to improve actions for the safety of the officers. The taser is a below lethal tool used to stop individuals without fatally wounding them. The application of modern technology in today's policing is becoming widespread in securing Americas borders every day policing duties. In policing you will discover applications significant to the help of law enforcement officers; database and information technology, computer-aided dispatch, information management devices, and traveling with a laptop. When looking in the terrorism, Homeland Security and law enforcement organizations across the country it is imperative that every one of these organizations work together to fix crimes by information sharing and departmental assistance. Law enforcement will play a crucial role because peace owners, specialist in antiterrorism, and community outreach professionals.

Police Procedures

The dangers that cause over half of most police deaths are visitors incidents. Last year, 56 officers died inside the line of duty by traffic incidents. In respect to data from the Nationwide Law Enforcement Representatives Memorial Fund reported traffic remains the largest cause of fatality for more than a decade running. Last season, 47 representatives died by intentional gunfire up 24% from the past year and gunfire believed the lives of 32 officers. These are generally the two major cause of death in policing and a growing concern several tactics far better body armour. The use of tasers in policing today comes under scrutiny although is the...

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