Essay on Politics and Governance: A lot of Terms  Their Explanations

a. Due method - Perform of legal proceedings strictly according to established concepts and methods, laid right down to ensure reasonable trial for each and every accused. Because the infallibility of court decision cannot be guaranteed, the legal system should secure this kind of second-best yet possible alternative. The guaranty of due process means not any accused is usually punished without an orderly and adequate method that is relevant uniformly in all cases. Under a due process, every offender gets an advance notice of trial, and a way to be present, to become heard, also to defend himself or himself. It also involves the legal rights to (1) legal counsel, (2) confront and cross analyze the witnesses, (3) reject self-incriminating accounts, and (4) have a crime proven simply by proof further than a reasonable question. b. Legislation of Equality - also referred to as legal equality, is the theory under which in turn all people are controlled by the same regulations of proper rights (due reaction). All are equivalent before the rules. c. Lite - Conditional on the final result of a lawsuit still pending in the courts. d. Freedom - directly to something a right-holder cannot be prevented by, such as of talking freely or follow a particular belief at the. Property - Article, item, or issue owned with all the rights of possession, employ, and enjoyment, and which the owner can give, collateralize, charge, mortgage, sell, or transfer, and can rule out everyone else from it. Two basic types of property are (1) Actual (land), concerning a degree of geographical fixity, and (2) Personal (anything other than real property) which in turn does not involve geographical fixity. Personal property can be subdivided into tangible home (any physical animate or inanimate object) and intangible property (intellectual property )

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