Post-War Operations, Marcos Supervision and Post-Edsa Administration Dissertation

CHAPTERS 1-3: Post-war operations, Marcos Supervision and post-EDSA administration

Manuel Roxas started out his term as the first chief executive of the third republic in the Philippines. During his term he fortified Bell control act as well as the Parity Change in the cosmetic and on 1947 he signed the Military Bases Contract. But during his period he gained a doubt from persons because of graft and corruption issues. Manuel Roxas attempted to destroyed the rebel group which is referred to as Hukbalahap nevertheless he simply created common anger between peasants. Yet his electrical power didin't last for very long, he perished on heart attack, on The spring 15, 1948 while giving his speech with the Clark Naval pilot base. This individual died when justin was 56. And He was prevailed by his vice president, Elpidio Quirino.

Elpidio Quirino during his term poverty was present. Also because of inflation salary of men and women cannot come across with the expenditures of the people. Farmlands were ruined by simply plagues. Enclosure is 1 the problems seeing that war destroyed severel places. Rate of unemployment is absolutely bvious because of the businesses of Americans established in the area. Elpidio Quirino formed the agricultural Coopertives Financing Administration, he made farmers supportive marketing connection and set a fresh tax plan that increased tariff costs to protect economical industry. And he tried to negotiate together with the Huks. But nevertheless some complications remain unsolved. During his term widespread of graft and corruption was present.

Elpidio Quirino was defeated simply by Ramon Magsaysay. He was called " the guy” mainly because many considered him since the chief executive who can work as a common gentleman, a chief executive who has the heart pertaining to his people. He actually opened Malacañang to the general public. Magsaysay. Ramón Magsaysay made a laurel-Langley agreement involving the Philippines and the United States approved. He as well submits R. A no . 1400 or the Land Reform Act of 1995. Ramon Magsaysay also created organization and progress cooperatives and credit agencies....

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