Research Summary Essay


Subject: " PATIENT ADVOCACY: EXPERTISE AND PRACTICE AMONG RNS OF ROXAS CITY” Sufferer advocacy is usually an integral part of breastfeeding pledged by the ICN " to ensure that patient's rights to life and choice shall be safeguarded at all times. ” However , studies reported that nurses are generally not advocating intended for patients, individuals who do so come across personal and professional risks. This descriptive-correlational study done among 186 staff rns at Roxas City, Capiz (by stratified random sampling) determined whether their sufferer advocacy practice and whether their proposal is influenced by knowledge about the role or their very own personal features. Hall's Core, Care and Cure Theory supported the research framework. A self-administered set of questions served as instrument. The nurses are generally young, solitary females, of middle salary group with 1 to 5 years tenure. Most of them haven�t attended virtually any continuing education seminar for the past a couple of years. The healthcare professionals have normal level of know-how about patient advocation with the younger (21 – 23 sumado a. o. ) ones even more knowledgeable than the older ones. Apparently, fresh nurses have fresh understanding of care concepts from practice. However , they have high level of affected person advocacy practice especially the single ones. Certainly, their knowledge did not effect their patient advocacy. It could be that advocacy presented much specialist risk that this married nursing staff did not desire to take. Tenure did not effect their knowledge or practice. Evidently, these nurses, no matter tenure, are usually more focused on performing their process and giving utmost treatment to people without much considered the theoretical basis of their particular actions. The PNA and NSO should certainly empower rns through patient advocacy seminars. The BELEG, thru nursing education, will need to emphasize sufferer advocacy among the empowering expertise. ANG NARS Party-list could do much by promulgating laws that could protect patient advocate rns. More in-depth...

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